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Bubba Owens Again Targeted by Kelly Campaign

The campaign team associated with Bob Kelly has been consistent in its attempts to sling mud at Horry County Council District 3 opponent Bubba Owens.

Yesterday the Kelly camp claimed Owens and his team are responsible for a series of robocalls being made to the voters of District 3.

This mudslinging began as soon as Owens filed for the election and has continued to date.

More recently, Wiles and his buddy Buz Martin have seen fit to include yours truly in their fantasies.

I don’t normally respond to stupid, but, in this case, I believe demonstrating the extent to which Wiles presents a faulty version of facts, whether they be about Big Talk or robocalls, is important for the voters potentially involved in the special Republican primary election runoff for Horry County Council District 3 next Tuesday.

Let me share a portion of a Facebook post Wiles made yesterday.

“New Jersey native Paul Gable and fellow military vet here does his best to flay Bob Kelly and me alive on behalf of his principal, Donald Smith of Lucky Dog Productions. Paul and Donald are business associates in the local Internet TV talk show BIG TALK. As with his two previous blasts at the Kelly Campaign, Paul omits that conflict-of-interest disclosure from his latest hit job.

“Bubba Owens’ Campaign coordinated the content and timing of Gable’s hit job last night with a phony “independent expenditure” group calling itself the Friends of Bob Kelly.”

The name of Donald Smith’s company is Lucky Dog Television Productions. Donald and I are not business associates.

Big Talk was an independent production aired on WWMB CV21, never on the internet. It ran from September 2013 through August 2014.

“Big Talk” Viewers on Tom Rice

Seventh District Representative Tom Rice has received mixed reviews from viewers of the television political talk show “Big Talk.”

One e-mail sent to the show criticized the handling of social media by Rice’s minions. According to the viewer, anyone attempting to put a critical comment on Rice’s Facebook.com page is quickly blocked from the site. Only praise of Tommy is allowed on the site. Sounds like a weird interpretation of Dr. Pangloss to me.

Another viewer e-mail, however, praised Rice’s resolution to have Congress sue President Obama for overstepping his presidential authority by liberal use of executive orders.

Curtis Loftis Visits “Big Talk”

S.C. Treasurer Curtis Loftis made an appearance at yesterday’s taping of the “Big Talk” television show.

In the area to address several Republican groups, Loftis agreed to be a special guest on “Big Talk” where he spoke of his conservative approach to government and duties as state treasurer.

Loftis said government should be simple, open and accountable to the citizens, but it is often the bureaucracies surrounding government that make it anything but.

Horry County Council Flow Control Workshop

Horry County Council will hold a workshop on solid waste flow control and the ordinance amendment now being considered on Monday January 6, 2014 beginning at 3 p.m. in council chambers.

The amendment passed by a 6-5 vote on first reading at council’s December meeting. The workshop is expected to bring a full bore attack by council members opposed to the amendment, which is the same as saying apologists for the Horry County Solid Waste Authority.

Final passage of the amendment would remove construction and demolition debris from flow control regulations.

Big Talk Special Program Sunday

The “Big Talk” television show will feature a one hour special “Talking Big Trash” Sunday December 29th and Sunday January 5th.

The show is a response to the Horry County Council ordinance that will amend the county’s solid waste flow control ordinance if it passes two more readings.

Since county council introduced the ordinance, opponents led by Horry County Solid Waste Authority officials and several council members who blindly support the HCSWA have been spreading rumors about how much the amendment will cost the county.

“Big Talk” Show Expands With Lunch Club

The “Big Talk” television political talk show is expanding its offerings after just two months on the air with the addition of the Big Talk Lunch Club.

Produced by Lucky Dog Television Productions, “Big Talk” features no holds barred discussions on local, state and national political topics of the day.

“Big Talk” is taped at noon each Monday at the Soho Restaurant located at 1300 Hwy 544, Conway. The show features discussion by Jon Bonsignor, Jack Murphy and Paul Gable.

Executive Producer Talks “Big Talk”

One month into the new politically oriented television show, “Big Talk”, Donald Smith the executive producer said the show is coming along as he expected.

“You always go through a learning cycle in the beginning getting the lighting and sound right and melding the personalities on the set,” said Smith. “We are right at the point I thought we would be after one month.”

Talking politics is considered a no-no in polite society, especially when there are three people with strong opinions doing the talking. The three, Jack Murphy, Jon Bonsignor and Paul Gable encompass most of the political spectrum between them.

“Big Talk” Premieres Sunday

Lucky Dog Television Productions will premiere a new, one-hour television political talk show, “Big Talk”, Sunday evening at 5 p.m. on broadcast television’s WWMB CW 21.

Spanning 14 counties in northeastern South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina, the show will feature discussion on current political topics of local, regional and national importance.

Political topics will be brought to the table by Jon Bonsignor, a longtime Republican political activist in the Grand Strand area and Paul Gable, editor of Grand Strand Daily and SC Hotline and a longtime reporter on local and state political issues.

Jack Murphy, host of the popular River Talk television show and a radio personality for many years will be joining and moderating the discussions.