“Big Talk” Premieres Sunday

By Paul Gable

Lucky Dog Television Productions will premiere a new, one-hour television political talk show, “Big Talk”, Sunday evening at 5 p.m. on broadcast television’s WWMB CW 21.

Spanning 14 counties in northeastern South Carolina and southeastern North Carolina, the show will feature discussion on current political topics of local, regional and national importance.

Political topics will be brought to the table by Jon Bonsignor, a longtime Republican political activist in the Grand Strand area and Paul Gable, editor of Grand Strand Daily and SC Hotline and a longtime reporter on local and state political issues.

Jack Murphy, host of the popular River Talk television show and a radio personality for many years will be joining and moderating the discussions.

Moderating may be too calm of a description as there will be a lot of “Big Talk” around the table on political topics of the day.

The one-hour show will be split into three segments with issues discussed in the first and last segments and Murphy interviewing a different local, state or national political personality each week in the middle segment.

In addition to providing timely information about ‘hot button’ political issues, these three will look to spur the interest of viewers to become involved in the political process.

The more voices and views heard in the democratic process, the better that process is.

WWMB CW 21 can be seen on HTC cable channel 15, Time Warner cable channel 8 and Direct TV satellite channel 21. Check your local guides for other cable and satellite providers and join the fun on “Big Talk” Sunday evenings at 5 p.m.

For those of you who would like to see the show in the making, it will be pre-recorded every Monday at noon at SOHO 544 restaurant, 1300 Hwy 544, Conway, SC. Come out to enjoy the food, meet the producer and hosts and join in the fun.

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