“Big Talk” Show Expands With Lunch Club

By Paul Gable

The “Big Talk” television political talk show is expanding its offerings after just two months on the air with the addition of the Big Talk Lunch Club.

Produced by Lucky Dog Television Productions, “Big Talk” features no holds barred discussions on local, state and national political topics of the day.

“Big Talk” is taped at noon each Monday at the Soho Restaurant located at 1300 Hwy 544, Conway. The show features discussion by Jon Bonsignor, Jack Murphy and Paul Gable.

A group of people who have been gathering to view the taping have now been formalized into the Big Talk Lunch Club.

The brainchild of Barbara Cook, the Big Talk Lunch Club will complement the television show by bringing newsworthy personalities such as elected or appointed government officials, educators, health and nutritional MD’s and advisors to address the members.

The speakers will provide information on latest news and developments in their particular profession, informing the audience of current and future trends on the horizon.

While enjoying lunch, the Big Talk Lunch Club will view the taping “Big Talk”. After the taping and lunch are over, it will hear the presentation of the week.

“I do hope as many of you can come to enjoy a lunch out and listen to our guest speaker,” said Cook.  “Not that you need an incentive but each person will receive a numbered ticket at the door and the person’s number we draw will receive a $25.00 gift certificate good for where else —- but SoHo 544.”

“I’m trying to include speech subjects which are informative to various ages,” Cook added.  “This is not a “ladies lunch” so let’s see some of you men there.  Again, I think these will be subjects that everyone should be interested in.”

The featured speaker on Monday November 18th is Betty Houbion, Community Advocate stopping human trafficking. Houbion was a driving force behind S.C. Act 258, which became law on December 18, 2012.

“Big Talk” airs every Sunday at 5 p.m. on WWMB CW 21. The channels are Time Warner cable channel 8, HTC cable channel 15 and Direct TV satellite channel 21.

For more information on the Big Talk Lunch Club, email Barbara Cook at [email protected].



  1. This is great, I love this show. I will make a point to come. I a particularly like the older guy, grandpaw. He is almost always correct and well studied and well thought out. He really outshines the younger boys. Keep it up.

  2. Yeah, but he is more like a great-grandpaw,