Executive Producer Talks “Big Talk”

By Paul Gable

One month into the new politically oriented television show, “Big Talk”, Donald Smith the executive producer said the show is coming along as he expected.

“You always go through a learning cycle in the beginning getting the lighting and sound right and melding the personalities on the set,” said Smith. “We are right at the point I thought we would be after one month.”

Talking politics is considered a no-no in polite society, especially when there are three people with strong opinions doing the talking. The three, Jack Murphy, Jon Bonsignor and Paul Gable encompass most of the political spectrum between them.

Murphy is a ‘leave your government hands off me’ Libertarian. Bonsignor is a mainstream Republican who leans to the self-righteous, conservative side while Gable is a socially liberal, economically conservative Democrat.

The “Big Talk” can get interesting when topics like public money grants to business are introduced.

“I believe the chemistry between the three has come together over the first month,” said Smith. “The fifth show, which will air Sunday October 6th, is very good television in my opinion.”

“We have already made some modifications to the format,” Smith said. “Originally we intended to have a political guest on every show. We now realize Jack should have more freedom, sometimes extending the other two segments and sometimes introducing a topic of his own. Political guests will continue, but not on an every week basis.”

Smith said viewer comments have started to come in and will be shared on the show as time allows.

“We encourage viewer comments and feedback,” said Smith. “We will read as many of them on the air as possible.”

Viewers can send their comments to: [email protected].

This week’s topics are the Horry County Solid Waste Authority and Obamacare, with a viewer comment included.

The show airs every Sunday evening beginning at 5 p.m. on WWMB CW 21. CW 21 can be seen on HTC cable channel 15, Time Warner cable channel 8 and Direct TV satellite channel 21. Check your local guides for other cable and satellite providers.

Join “Big Talk” each Sunday for local, state and national political discussions.

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