Big Talk Special Program Sunday

By Paul Gable

The “Big Talk” television show will feature a one hour special “Talking Big Trash” Sunday December 29th and Sunday January 5th.

The show is a response to the Horry County Council ordinance that will amend the county’s solid waste flow control ordinance if it passes two more readings.

Since county council introduced the ordinance, opponents led by Horry County Solid Waste Authority officials and several council members who blindly support the HCSWA have been spreading rumors about how much the amendment will cost the county.

One of the main rumors has been the county will be sued by the big trash haulers and will lose these actions at the cost of millions of dollars.

All of this is untrue, but provides great sound bites for media coverage.

“Big Talk” has an independent attorney weigh in on the merits of these claims and on what, if any, damages may be claimed by any of the private haulers in a lawsuit if the amendment receives final reading.

In addition, Rep. Nelson Hardwick will explain a bill at the state level which will outlaw solid waste flow control throughout the state if it passes the Senate in the upcoming legislative session.

Join “Big Talk” Sunday at 5 p.m. to hear the real issues concerning the county’s flow control ordinance amendment and what the short and long term benefits for the taxpayers of the county will be.

“Big Talk” airs for one hour each Sunday on WWMB CW channel 21 beginning at 5 p.m.

The show will return to its regular political talk show programming, featuring Jon Bonsignor, Jack Murphy and Paul Gable on January 12th.


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