“Big Talk” Viewers on Tom Rice

By Paul Gable

Seventh District Representative Tom Rice has received mixed reviews from viewers of the television political talk show “Big Talk.”

One e-mail sent to the show criticized the handling of social media by Rice’s minions. According to the viewer, anyone attempting to put a critical comment on Rice’s Facebook.com page is quickly blocked from the site. Only praise of Tommy is allowed on the site. Sounds like a weird interpretation of Dr. Pangloss to me.

Another viewer e-mail, however, praised Rice’s resolution to have Congress sue President Obama for overstepping his presidential authority by liberal use of executive orders.

Rice’s resolution was shared on Facebook and Twitter. It’s apparently okay for Rice to criticize others on social media, just not to be criticized himself.

Several other viewer e-mails criticized Rice for ignoring veterans’ issues once he was elected and firmly ensconced in Washington, D.C.

These viewers must remember that criticism of members of the ‘Myrtle Beach Mafia’ is, by definition, not allowed. They never do anything wrong. Just ask them.

Possibly viewers of “Big Talk” have found the only way to be critical of Rice’s performance in Congress is to e-mail the show.

“Big Talk” airs every Sunday at 5 p.m. on WWMB CW 21. Hear the views of co-hosts Jon Bonsignor, Jack Murphy and Paul Gable on local, state and national political issues and voice yours with an e-mail.

All viewer e-mails are shared with the audience as “Big Talk” supports every viewer’s right of free speech.

We only wish our politicians would do the same.


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