Bennett into 7th Congressional District Race?

By Paul Gable

Word is making its way around Horry County that former Coastal Carolina University head football coach David Bennett is seriously considering a run for the new 7th Congressional District seat.

Bennett’s entry into the race could be a game changer in many ways for the already crowded field. A native of Cheraw, Bennett would have instant name recognition throughout the 7th district with strong personal ties in both the western part of the district as well as Horry and Georgetown counties in the east. Any political consultant will tell you that name recognition is the number one factor in a race that has numerous candidates.

Bennett has strong ties with all levels of Horry County voters. He also will probably benefit from a considerable sympathy vote due to the way he was ousted as CCU coach at the end of last season. Bennett’s ouster is considered a betrayal by the CCU leadership after 11 loyal and successful years at the Chanticleers helm.

A poll of Republican candidates last week showed former Lt. Governor Andre Bauer leading at 25 percent, but carrying considerable negatives throughout. Former Horry County Council Chairman and S.C. Parks and Recreation Director Chad Prosser and current Horry County Council Chairman Tom Rice were virtually tied in second place with 15 percent each. None of the remaining six candidates made it into double figures.

Enter Bennett into that poll and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him finish in the top spot, based on name recognition and the personal values, such as character and integrity, he has demonstrated as a college football coach.

It is not definite that Bennett will enter the race, but many politicos in Horry County are treating it as such. He must make the decision before the end of next week, but expect it to happen. There are many positives and few negatives for Bennett personally should he choose to run.




  1. This would be the best thing that could happen to this state. We actually need him to run for President. He surely outshines anyone running at this time and his morals prove that.

  2. Richard Saunders


    With all due respect, how can make such a statement? Bennett is a nice guy, but did you see him on television all of last year talking about dogs and cats? If you would actually elect him as President, than I believe you have lost all credibility. Unfortunately, having good morals is not the tried and true formula for being the commander in chief .

  3. Mr. Gable,
    You refer in your article to a “poll of Republican candidates last week”. Do you know who conducted this poll, what questions were asked, and why only four male candidates were specifically named as choices to the voters called and the fifth “choice” being “other”?

    One of Renee’ Culler’s supporters emailed the campaign that she had been called in the poll and was very angry when the person asked her which candidate she would choose in the 7th district race from four male candidates. She asked why Renee’ Culler was not a named option and why to “vote” for Renee’ Culler she would be forced to choose “other”?

    Do you know if you are quoting the results from this same so-called “poll”?

    I would hope if this is the same suspect poll that you would not be giving this much credence to the results. Most that are familiar with polls are very aware that the named options for the person being polled to choose from hold a much higher chance of being chosen over a choice of “other”.

    A reporter of your caliber would not have referenced such a flawed poll and its results in order to lead voters to believe that the poll was in any way fair to all the “unconfirmed” candidates as this poll was conducted before the filing had begun.

    Would you?

    Some unsophisticated or uninformed voters could be led by such an article to believe the “results” and your inference as being credible when, in reality, the results are anything but credible and clearly favored a “preferential” group of candidates.

    Would you agree?

    Anthony Culler
    Campaign Manager for Culler For Congress

  4. I know the real story as to why David Bennett was replaced–I have known President Dave DeCenzo for appromitalely 40 years–what he has reported to the news mwedia is bogus

    chuck machad0

  5. Just what we need,, a redneck jock and fired ex-coach as the First Congressnman for the New 7th Distict. I don’t think so.

  6. And how can you have a poll when we don’t even know who the actual candidates will be? It’s just based on name recognition, so more people know about Bauer, but,, they ain’t gonna a vote for him. Most people who know him, don’t even like him.