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Mark Sanford Returns to Washington

Republican Mark Sanford will be returning to Washington to again represent the citizens of the South Carolina 1st Congressional District after a nearly 12 ½ year break.

Sanford easily defeated Democratic opponent Elizabeth Colbert Busch in a special election to fill the seat after former representative Tim Scott was elevated to the Senate earlier this year when Jim DeMint resigned to head up the Heritage Foundation.

Despite turning off some voters with his 2009 antics of disappearing for several days to visit his Argentinian mistress while serving as governor of South Carolina, Sanford was never really in danger of losing this election.

Sanford Easily in SC 1st Congressional District

Mark Sanford is two-thirds of the way back to Congress after disposing of Curtis Bostic rather easily Tuesday night in a primary runoff for the Republican nomination for the SC 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sanford won by a 57% – 43% margin with just over 10% of the registered voters showing up to cast a ballot.

The only remaining obstacle to Sanford’s successful return to Washington is Democratic nominee Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

SC 1st Congressional District, Sanford and …?

The first step in Mark Sanford’s political ‘Phoenix rising from the ashes’ act finally will be taken tomorrow in the first round of voting tomorrow in the SC 1st Congressional District special election Republican Primary.

Sanford seems a shoe-in to get the 35 percent ‘forgiveness’ vote, but who will accompany him into the second round runoff?

A quick look at the other top candidates from the remaining 15 Republicans in the race gives no quick answer.

SC 1st Congressional District Race Heats Up

The race for the Republican nomination for the SC 1st Congressional District is heating up as the first round of primary voting approaches quickly.

A new ad hitting political newcomer Teddy Turner hard is making its way around television and the internet. The ad attacks Turner’s business failures and political agenda. It was paid for by the Chip Limehouse campaign.

View ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfTDTGODe68

The battle between 15 of the 16 Republican candidates is for second place and a chance at strong front runner Mark Sanford in a primary runoff.

Money in Politics, Influencing Elections

A special election for Horry County Council chairman this week and in the S.C. 1st Congressional District next week brings to the front the influence of elections by money in politics again.

Some startling statistics track over a period from 1974 – 2010 for Congressional elections and 1976 – 2008 in Presidential elections.

In 1974, total campaign spending for the House of Representatives was $44 million. By 2010 total campaign had reached $929 million, a factor of 20 times.

Senate campaigns in 1974 totaled $28.4 million while by 2010 that number inflated to $568 million, another 20 times expansion.

SC 1st Congressional District Poll Numbers

Grand Strand Daily received exclusive access to the latest SC 1st Congressional District polling data from a poll commissioned by a private business group.

This poll of 707 likely Conservative voters in the SC 1st Congressional District demonstrates all of the candidates have a lot of work to do before primary day March 19th.

Former Gov. Mark Sanford leads with 17%, surprisingly down from the 25% reported several weeks ago. SC Sen. Larry Grooms, with 5%, is in a tight race for the runner-up position with Charleston school board member Elizabeth Moffly, 4%, and teacher and prodigal son Teddy Turner with 4% of the vote.

Elizabeth Moffly Declares for SC 1st District

Elizabeth Moffly declared her candidacy for the open 1st Congressional District seat last Thursday to a gathering of her supporters at Geechie Seafood at Shem Creek.

Moffly, currently a Trustee on the Charleston County School Board, combines a history of independent thinking with the courage to speak out on issues.

She told her supporters she considers public service a higher calling – “to be a voice for the people where decisions are being made that have a direct effect on our lives.”

Mark Sanford Back in 1st?

The name of former Gov. Mark Sanford has been prominent in the last several days in connection with the S.C. 1st Congressional District seat vacated by the promotion of Rep. Tim Scott to senator.

This is only natural as Sanford once represented a former iteration of the 1st District for three terms in Congress before honoring a personal term limits pledge and stepping away from the seat. Two years after stepping down from Congress, Sanford was elected to his first of two terms as governor.

Sanford’s name is well known as is his strict conservative, libertarian political philosophy. As we have stated before, Sanford was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party.