Sanford Easily in SC 1st Congressional District

Sanford Easily in SC 1st Congressional District

By Paul Gable

Mark Sanford is two-thirds of the way back to Congress after disposing of Curtis Bostic rather easily Tuesday night in a primary runoff for the Republican nomination for the SC 1st Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sanford won by a 57% – 43% margin with just over 10% of the registered voters showing up to cast a ballot.

The only remaining obstacle to Sanford’s successful return to Washington is Democratic nominee Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

But that obstacle does not look too large. Despite having high profile brother Stephen Colbert working for her election, Colbert Busch is at an extreme disadvantage against Sanford.

She garnered 15,802 votes in winning the Democratic primary by a 96% – 4% margin over Ben Frasier. That’s 4,000 less than Sanford collected in the Republican primary that same night with 15 other candidates and 11,000 less than Sanford received in the runoff.

The 1st Congressional District is obviously heavily Republican in its political leanings.

More important, however, is Sanford’s appeal to voters. Despite the rather ignominious end to his second term as governor, the voters in the 1st Congressional District truly like Sanford.

He served them well for three terms in Congress from 1995-2001. Rather than just talking the talk, Sanford is a true fiscal conservative.

Sanford was the odds on favorite to win this seat from the time he announced his candidacy for the special election. He has consistently outpolled his opponents by double digits. Nobody has been able to cut into his lead to this point.

None of that will change. Colbert Busch will run a strong race and do everything in her power to pull off an upset.

When the votes are counted on May 7th, however, Colbert Busch will come up just as short as the other 15 candidates who thought they could beat Sanford in this race.

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  1. If this man doesn’t have the experience then who would? I’m not in his thoughts on many issues, but with his experience S.C. needs him in Washington. I’m probably the only man in Horry County with a Mark Sandford’s sign in his front yard. Stole it from Blufton S.C.

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