SC 1st Congressional District Poll Numbers


By Paul Gable

Grand Strand Daily received exclusive access to the latest SC 1st Congressional District polling data from a poll commissioned by a private business group.

This poll of 707 likely Conservative voters in the SC 1st Congressional District demonstrates all of the candidates have a lot of work to do before primary day March 19th.

Former Gov. Mark Sanford leads with 17%, surprisingly down from the 25% reported several weeks ago. SC Sen. Larry Grooms, with 5%, is in a tight race for the runner-up position with Charleston school board member Elizabeth Moffly, 4%, and teacher and prodigal son Teddy Turner with 4% of the vote.

Maybe the most interesting part is 58% of the people polled are undecided with just a little over a month to go before primary polling March 19th. The gender breakdown of the poll was 53% women, 47% men.

Other items of interest among the candidates:

We heard Grooms picked up some checks from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce at a legislative event recently. Maybe he has agreed to support the I-73 push.

Maybe you heard Turner’s latest attempt at humor backfired. He is quoted in a Charleston paper as saying Sen. Tim Scott, the promoted former 1st District representative, ‘isn’t like us, he’s Black.’ Was this Turner’s ‘Richard Mourdock moment’ in the campaign?

Full poll numbers as reported:

Sanford 17%

Grooms 5%

Moffly 4%

Turner 4%

Bostic 2%

Colbert-Busch 2%

Blandford 1%

Kuhn 1%

Limehouse 1%

McCoy 1%

Bryant > 1%

Hoffman > 1%

King > 1%

Larkin > 1%

Nash > 1%

Patrick > 1%

Pinkston > 1%

Rose > 1%

Undecided 58%


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