SC 1st Congressional District, Sanford and …?


By Paul Gable

The first step in Mark Sanford’s political ‘Phoenix rising from the ashes’ act finally will be taken tomorrow in the first round of voting tomorrow in the SC 1st Congressional District special election Republican Primary.

Sanford seems a shoe-in to get the 35 percent ‘forgiveness’ vote, but who will accompany him into the second round runoff?

A quick look at the other top candidates from the remaining 15 Republicans in the race gives no quick answer.

Teddy Turner is definitely not his father, although both have such a strong devotion to traditional marriage they have tried it three times each. But Ted was successful in business, a claim Teddy can’t make and he won’t make the claim of Republican nominee either.

Chip Limehouse looks and acts like a ‘Good Ol’ Boy’, but his father couldn’t win the 1st Congressional District nomination and it doesn’t look like he will either.

John Kuhn has spent so much time talking about fighting during the campaign you wonder if he has the primary confused with a mixed martial arts tournament.

Larry Grooms thinks he’s the new John C. Calhoun introducing bills in the state senate to nullify federal legislation.

Curtis Bostic wants to represent a district he doesn’t live in, but you have to take advantage of Congressional opportunities when they happen.

Andy Patrick seems to want to get to Washington to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution, balanced budget, personhood and the like. But who in their right mind could imagine getting Congress to pass a joint resolution requiring a two-thirds super majority in each house?

Elizabeth Moffly is not a ‘Good Ol Boy’ or even a boy for that matter. Maybe that’s the secret to second place and the runoff.

We’ll know tonight.



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