Horry County Council Chair Special Election

By Paul Gable

The Horry County Council Chair special election race to succeed Tom Rice is heating up even though Rice has yet to resign his position, something he will have to do prior to being sworn in as the new representative for the S.C. 7th Congressional District.

Even before Rice won his election to the U.S. House of Representatives, former council member Mark Lazarus and former county council chairman Liz Gilland announced they would be candidates in the special election that will fill the remaining two years of Rice’s unexpired term. Gilland bested Lazarus in the 2006 Republican primary election for county council chair.

Tomorrow, current District 11 county council member Al Allen will announce his candidacy for the chairman’s seat.

We are also hearing that former Horry County Republican Party chairman Robert Rabon is considering entering the race. Rabon was a council member for a short period, back in the early days of county council, when he was still a Democrat.

Adam Parness who served on the Horry County Planning Commission in the past and is currently serving on the Myrtle Beach Planning Commission has been another name circulated as considering a run. Parness made an unsuccessful challenge to Gilland when she represented Horry County District 8 in the late 90’s.

Another name that has popped up in the last several days is current Myrtle Beach City Council member Phil Render, who is reportedly considering getting into the race.

And these names are only the beginning. The filing period for the special election won’t begin until after Rice resigns. Stay tuned, we will bring you candidate updates as we hear about them.



  1. And the status of Liz’s fines???

    And it is sad that it is the same old same old politicians and good old boys when any position opens.

  2. The S.C. Ethics Commission website lists Liz as currently owing $45,000.00.

  3. Current Vice Chair Al Allen will be running! If you’re tired of “good old boy” politics then this candidate is worth your vote. He’s as tired as we are of the good old boys running Horry County and seeks lift many of the sanctions that prevent small business from flourishing here.

    Look him up!