Conservatives for Responsible Government Endorsements

By Paul Gable

The Conservatives for Responsible Government, probably the most truly conservative group in Horry County, announced their candidate endorsements this week.

CRG supports low taxes, low spending and individual freedom through limited government. It is not an automatic endorser of candidates spouting labels and clichés.

“Party labels are not important for our endorsement,” said CRG chair Chris Panos. “We are not interested in whether candidates have an “R” or a “D” behind their names. We want candidates who live by our principles of small government and individual liberty.”

This was demonstrated by the endorsement of Democrat Marion Foxworth for Horry County Council District 3. Panos called Foxworth “easily the most fiscally conservative member of county council.”

Foxworth has consistently voted against proposed millage increases while a council member, as well as consistently against such boondoggles as the terminal expansion project at Myrtle Beach International Airport and the current proposed, infamous, alleged economic development giveaway Project Blue.

In similar fashion, CRG made no endorsement in the new 7th Congressional District race, finding neither Republican Tom Rice nor Democrat Gloria Tinubu sufficiently conservative enough for endorsement. Rice, of course, has drawn considerable attention as the lead supporter of Project Blue and its multi-million public dollar giveaway.

Other CRG endorsements for Horry County Council went to Bob Grabowski in District 6, Jody Prince in District 10 and Paul Prince in District 9.

Incumbent solicitor Greg Hembree was endorsed in the Senate District 28 race, while House Candidates Dennis DiSabato (District 56), Tracy Edge (District 104) and Blake Hewitt (District 105) received the group’s endorsement.

Only candidates in contested races drew endorsements, according to Panos.

The most interesting endorsement was in House District 56 where DiSabato earned the endorsement over Tea Party candidate Mike Ryhal.

The Tea Party groups have placed their fast fading influence in the county behind Ryhal, whose election, if it should happen, would give the T’s their only victory in the county.

Local T’ers managed to have Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks PAC fund a door hanger and mailer that acted as “push” pieces for the Ryhal candidacy in an attempt to give it the illusion of much larger exposure than it has.

District 56 was the only local race FreedomWorks chose to play in, despite its supposed review of legislative candidates statewide. Encouraging FreedomWorks into the race was probably a tactical mistake on the part of local T’ers desperate for a victory.

Twenty-nine years of residence in Horry County has taught me the citizens of the “Independent Republic” don’t like outside groups playing in their elections. That privilege is reserved for local groups like the myriad PACs associated with the Chamber.



  1. Seems strange to me that CRG would endorse liberal candidates and exclude more Conservative candidates which contradicts their name: Conservatives for Responsible Government. It wreaks of good old boy system influence and persuasion by the establishment to make sure they have their interests as priorities! Hard to understand the tangled web that is woven by special interest groups that really don’t represent the majority of Horry County voters. This is my opinion and I have the freedom to express it. Thank you.

  2. @Paul: Your ongoing efforts at spouting misinformation against competing grassroots groups (the ones that are conservative in principle, not just in name) in the Grand Strand area is strongly reminiscent of the vile tactics set forth in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Clearly, Alinsky would be proud of your vituperative undertakings.

    BTW, some might be interested to learn that the Sun News recently choose Ryhal over the Good Ole Boy network’s candidate, DiSabato.