Who is Teddy Turner?

Who is Teddy Turner?Who is Teddy Turner?

By Paul Gable

Voting is three weeks away in the SC 1st Congressional District special election primary and I am still wondering who Teddy Turner is?

We have been told he’s a conservative Republican because he spent four years at The Citadel and two years in the Soviet Union.

We have heard over and over at candidate forums that he is not his father. Frankly, his standup comic routine about his father can be rather funny, but, unfortunately it is his stump speech.

We also know he is not Jane Fonda. Both are probably happy about that.

But, who exactly is he? I defy you to find one policy position Turner has enunciated.

Even the International Business Times, trying to do a positive article about Turner’s candidacy (see below), spent more time talking about the liberal views of Turner’s father, Ted, than anything about Teddy other than The Citadel and the Soviet Union.

All that being said, Turner has name recognition and that may be enough to send him into a primary runoff against Mark Sanford.

That is what is wrong with American politics today –too many Teddy Turner types are being elected with no real political philosophy, no substance and no clue of what it takes to govern. That is why they all seem clueless in Washington.


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  1. I have personally met Teddy and dealt with him in business. He has left behind a stream of bankrupt companies and broken companies. He tried to jump on board the “dot com” craze, but he did so with ZERO experience and he left behind a trail of shattered investors.

    He is all talk and no action, zero, none. He 100% relies on his name.

    And it sounds like he is doing exactly the same with politics.

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