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Who is Teddy Turner?

Voting is three weeks away in the SC 1st Congressional District special election primary and I am still wondering who Teddy Turner is.

We have been told he’s a conservative Republican because he spent four years at The Citadel and two years in the Soviet Union.

We have heard over and over at candidate forums that he is not his father. Frankly, his standup comic routine about his father can be rather funny, but, unfortunately it is his stump speech.

We also know he is not Jane Fonda. Both are probably happy about that.

But, who exactly is he? I defy you to find one policy position Turner has enunciated.

1st Congressional District Musings

The race for the 1st Congressional District is one week old and a pattern for the race seems to already be developing.

Watching video of the candidates who chose to show up at the Sun City Republican gathering and an earlier one in Mt. Pleasant, leads us to several conclusions.

The best comment about the group of candidates that comes to mind is a paraphrase of Winston Churchill’s comment about Labor Party leader Clement Attlee – ‘They are a modest group, which has much to be modest about.’

Three Seats Open on SCDOT Commission

COLUMBIA – Residents living in South Carolina’s current 1st, 3rd, and 5th Congressional districts who are interested in applying for a seat on the South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission have about two more weeks to file. The Joint Transportation Review Committee will receive notice of intent to apply from interested persons until 12:00 noon on Thursday, April 26, 2012.

Applicants must meet statutorily prescribed eligibility requirements and must possess certain qualifications in order to serve. Applicants will undergo a thorough review process. The review process includes a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division background check, a credit check, completion of comprehensive personal data questionnaires, financial disclosures, and a South Carolina Ethics Commission Statement of Economic Interests for