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Russell Fry Among Politicians Banned from Russia

S. C. 7th Congressional District Rep. Russell Fry was among a list released Friday of 500 Americans as being banned from visiting Russia.
On his Twitter feed, @RepRussellFry, the Congressman quickly bragged about his banning:
“Russia just banned me from going to their country which candidly I had no intention of visiting.”
“For what reason, I haven’t any idea but if @RusEmbUSA thinks I’m offended, they are mistaken. This just made my night.”
It might have been wise for Fry to take a moment’s pause for consideration before being so quick to take to Twitter to brag about his banning. Fry might have taken pause to consider other politicians in the same banned company as himself. For example, included on the list were President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and former president Barack Obama. Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was included on a previous list of Americans banned from visiting Russia.
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Passing Bad Tax Increase Legislation

There is nothing more irritating to me, than Legislators who don’t read vital pieces of legislation but just pass it into law.

The dumb remark from one time speaker of the U S House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, “you have to pass it, to know what’s in it”, has now resonated with our Horry County Council members.

Our esteemed County Council members are going to vote on increasing the property taxes, to the maximum rate provided by law, and most of them have not read the legislation, nor have any conception of what is in the legislation they are about to pass.

The one Council member who is a Friend of the Taxpayer, Harold Worley, does know where the money is going. Worley had a withering exchange with Horry County Administrator Chris Eldridge on how, where, and why the increased funds, are going to be appropriated and spent.

Interesting, to note is that Eldridge’s salary will be increased $10,000 per year for the next four years amounting to $40,000.00 at a time when the County is asking everyone to tighten their belts for austerity. These my friends are our County Council Republican members in action.