Passing Bad Tax Increase Legislation

By John e Bonsignor

(Ed. Note – John e Bonsignor is retired and a long time resident of Horry County. He is a founding member of the South Strand Republican Club, a founder of SaveRCats and panelist on the former political commentary television show Big Talk.)

There is nothing more irritating to me, than Legislators who don’t read vital pieces of legislation but just pass it into law.

The dumb remark from one time speaker of the U S House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, “you have to pass it, to know what’s in it”, has now resonated with our Horry County Council members.

Our esteemed County Council members are going to vote on increasing the property taxes, to the maximum rate provided by law, and most of them have not read the legislation, nor have any conception of what is in the legislation they are about to pass.

The one Council member who is a Friend of the Taxpayer, Harold Worley, does know where the money is going. Worley had a withering exchange with Horry County Administrator Chris Eldridge on how, where, and why the increased funds, are going to be appropriated and spent.

Interesting, to note is that Eldridge’s salary will be increased $10,000 per year for the next four years amounting to $40,000.00 at a time when the County is asking everyone to tighten their belts for austerity. These my friends are our County Council Republican members in action.

Another appalling increase is the road maintenance increase from $30.00 to $50.00 per vehicle. Here again our Republican county council members are going to pass this. When 6 years ago the rate went to $30.00, the public was told this rate will never be increase again, it will live into perpetuity.

I say BUNK BUNK BUNK. The scheme is to pretend it is for paving the many dirt roads here in Horry County. The question is begged how was the increase to $30.00 appropriated to pay for the dirt roadS? where is the accounting for the expenditure?

A jump of $20.00, is a heist of taxpayers money for a use which is not necessary. A few years ago the Council set aside $2 Million dollars to  pay to pave dirt roadS within the County. The set aside was suddenly taken out of the special fund and the $2 Million was used on some other project, while the necessity of paving the dirt roads vanished.

The Genesis of my letter is for the citizenry to unanimously shout out to the County Council member to vote NO on the increase of property taxes and for the jump to $50.00 relative to the road maintenance fee.

And for heaven sake vote on something you have read and understand, and don’t be hooked in by people such as Eldridge telling you what to do, like puppets.


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