Russell Fry Among Politicians Banned from Russia

By Paul Gable

S. C. 7th Congressional District Rep. Russell Fry was among a list released Friday of 500 Americans as being banned from visiting Russia.

On his Twitter feed, @RepRussellFry, the Congressman quickly bragged about his banning:

“Russia just banned me from going to their country which candidly I had no intention of visiting.”


“For what reason, I haven’t any idea but if @RusEmbUSA thinks I’m offended, they are mistaken. This just made my night.”

It might have been wise for Fry to take a moment’s pause for consideration before being so quick to take to Twitter to brag about his banning. Fry might have taken pause to consider other politicians in the same banned company as himself. For example, included on the list were President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and former president Barack Obama. Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was included on a previous list of Americans banned from visiting Russia.

In contrast to Fry and his banned group of politicians, Fry’s MAGA godfather, former president Donald Trump, whose endorsement of Fry’s candidacy is what catapulted Fry to election to the U. S. House of Representatives, and current Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are not banned from visiting Russia.

Various CNN broadcasters and hosts were included on the banned list as well as late night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel. However, no one from Fox News was banned, notably Sean Hannity or former Fox host Tucker Carlson.

The banned group trended toward liberal politicians and celebrities while those excluded from being banned trended toward the more conservative MAGA crowd.

Fry’s conservative MAGA credentials were questioned throughout his campaign for Congress. His just over 50% conservative voting record in the S. C. House, as rated by the American Conservative Union, was questioned by Horry County Republicans who truly wished to see the Swamp drained.

Fry never condemned predecessor Tom Rice’s vote to impeach Trump until after he (Fry) gained Trump’s endorsement and Fry never took a position on whether the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Democrats. Nor has Fry been among the loud vocal defenders of Trump and his current legal problems.

Fry was considered much more RINO than MAGA by the conservative, populist members of the HCGOP. Fry’s endorsement by Trump was manipulated by the likes of SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick and Sen. Lindsey Graham, both of whom are considered RINO’s by conservative Republicans in the state. Have the Russians decided Fry is not a true Trumper?

Now, Fry’s bragging about inclusion in a group with Biden, Harris, Obama and Pelosi only adds to those questions.

GSD said two years ago the Fry campaign for Congress was a “Mickey Mouse campaign managed by Goofy.” Don’t be surprised if Fry ends up in Disney World drinking a Bud Light with fellow members of his banned from Russia group.

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