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Brenda Christy Book Signing

Retired Myrtle Beach police officer Brenda Christy will have the first public viewing of her book on the real inner workings of the Myrtle Beach Police Department in conjunction with the last two days of the fall Harley Davidson Rally.

Christy will be available to discuss and sign her book, “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul”, Thursday October 3rd and Friday October 4th at Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson, 4710 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach.

In her book, Christy outlines the treatment she received at the hands of senior staff after being called “a thorn in my side” by Chief Warren Gall.

Brenda Christy and Myrtle Beach’s Retire/Rehire Policy

Last week we reported on the publication of “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul” a book by former Myrtle Beach Police Department officer Brenda Christy.

Christy’s book documents her experiences in the department leading to, and after, her filing a sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit against MBPD and the city including the resulting retaliation directed at her.

Creative memory during depositions, changed stories as time went on and the creation of documents to bring clouds on Christy’s performance were all part of the formula to help the city beat Christy’s charges.

Brenda Christy: “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul”

I have heard many good things about the new book, “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul” by retired Myrtle Beach police officer Brenda Christie.

The book is a memoir by Christie describing her experiences within the clique ridden Myrtle Beach Police Department and about how she rediscovered herself through a series of adversities connected to her employment.

“The book tells the truth about the dirtiness within the Myrtle Beach Police Department,” said one source, who worked with the department for a number of years and just completed the book. “It uncovers a lot of the stuff that has been swept under the rug for many years.”