Brenda Christy: “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul”

By Paul Gable

I have heard many good things about the new book, “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul” by retired Myrtle Beach police officer Brenda Christy.

The book is a memoir by Christy describing her experiences within the clique ridden Myrtle Beach Police Department and about how she rediscovered herself through a series of adversities connected to her employment.

“The book tells the truth about the dirtiness within the Myrtle Beach Police Department,” said one source, who worked with the department for a number of years and just completed the book. “It uncovers a lot of the stuff that has been swept under the rug for many years.”

In full disclosure, I have not read the book yet. I am picking up my copy this afternoon. However, I did write several stories on a sex and age discrimination lawsuit Christy filed against MBPD in 2006 after she was demoted by Chief Warren Gall for what I thought was doing the right thing.

After a five year battle and in the best traditions of what passes for the justice system, the city was successful in obtaining a dismissal of the lawsuit. More about this in the book.

At the same time I was writing about Christy’s ordeal, I was also writing about the MBPD’s attempt to frame a county council member with bogus charges. The city lost that one as it ultimately had to drop all charges and admit there was no evidence. Actually there was considerable evidence of perjury and total disregard for due process by the MBPD.

For some info on Christy and the book visit:

‘A thorn in my side’ is what Chief Warren Gall called Christy.



  1. Scars to Prove It

    No better example exists for any incumbent mayor or member of Myrtle Beach City Council to not win re-election than the fact that someone with a heart as dark as Chief Warren Gall’s to still be employed in such an important job. He should be in Dante’s Seventh Hell with his back broke.

  2. More to come on MBPD soon