Brenda Christy Book Signing

By Paul Gable

Retired Myrtle Beach police officer Brenda Christy will have the first public viewing of her book on the real inner workings of the Myrtle Beach Police Department in conjunction with the last two days of the fall Harley Davidson Rally.

Christy will be available to discuss and sign her book, “Superlative Soul or Nefarious Soul”, Thursday October 3rd and Friday October 4th at Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson, 4710 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, beginning at 10 a.m. each day.

In her book, Christy outlines the treatment she received at the hands of senior staff after being called “a thorn in my side” by Chief Warren Gall.

She details the creation of a ‘demotion notebook’ specially created to give Chief Gall the excuse he needed to either demote or fire Christy. It was not part of Christy’s personnel file and was created as much as 10 years after the fact.

Christy also discusses the retire/rehire policy at the department, which essentially put senior staff, as well as other top city staffers, on the backs of taxpayers as “double dippers”, collecting both pension payments and full salaries from public dollars.

Christy sued the city for her treatment. After a five year battle, and in the best traditions of what passes for the justice system in South Carolina, the city was successful in obtaining a dismissal of the lawsuit. More about this in the book.

Visitors and locals alike should enjoy reading about the real behind the scenes workings of the police department and the city and how tax dollars are used.


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