Strip Clubs and Helicopters – Update

By Paul Gable

Strip clubs and helicopters, two of the issues that have been high on the county’s agenda for the last couple of months are far from being settled.

The Gold Club working to open its second location, Gold Club II, at the former location of the Doll House on restaurant row, received a letter of zoning compliance for the new location October 1. The compliance is for a restaurant/nightclub.

The letter from the county specifically states that “an adult entertainment establishment is prohibited at this location.”

However, there was considerable pushback from some council members to county staff after the letter of compliance was issued.

Two weeks after the compliance letter was issued, the county came to the location and issued a “stop work” order.

The updated issue revolves around the condition of the building. Rather than just being able to clean up, paint and open, the county now wants extensive repairs done on the building that will require a building permit and inspections before a certificate of occupancy will be issued.

Is this valid or is it harassment by the county because Mike Rose was so vocal against the county’s new adult entertainment ordinances? Or is it both?

How does this affect the court case, if at all, that Rose has against the county over that location in federal court?

This is going to get a lot more interesting before it gets settled.

Helicopters still draw considerable criticism from citizens. Witness below a portion of a recent email sent to the county:

“It’s such a beautiful day to get outside and enjoy the weather! Unless, that

is, you have the misfortune of living on my street. It sounds like

“Apocalypse Now” in my backyard!

“Since 9 am this morning, our family has been disturbed by approximately 75

or so helicopter flights. The noise is totally obnoxious and unacceptable!

Now, since we have the added pleasure of hearing both the take offs and

landings, double that. A fabulous Fall day, and we are bombarded by noise

from around 150 helicopter flights…and still counting.”


Doesn’t sound like the utterings of a ‘satisfied’ county resident. The helicopters flights referred to are from Helicopter Adventure not Huffman Helicopters that the county recently entered into a new five year lease with that gives the county 5% of the revenue from the operation.

With the new routes that Huffman agreed to as part of the lease, I’m told the noise has lessened somewhat but remains a point of contention for residents on the south end.

So noise from tourist helicopter amusement rides continues to annoy the permanent residents of the county.

If we get that gambling casino that certain elements in the county are still hoping will materialize, the noise will only get considerably worse as I’m told there would be plans to helicopter the ‘high rollers’ directly from the airport to the casino.


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  1. Perhaps the addition of John Weaver to the Council will allow for good things on these issues, and solid waste too. None of those were controversial when he was county attorney or administrator. Perhaps a reason for optimism.