Saudi Arabia’s 9/11 Funding Case Now Before the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

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Evidence of Obstruction of Justice by the FBI, the Justice Department and the Offices of US Senator Lindsey Graham alleging a cover-up of the Saudi Kingdom’s role in the funding of the al Qaeda 9/11 Attacks on the United States and ISIL terrorism, was presented to the Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals by Appellate Counsel Michael Sribnick, MD, JD.
Columbia, South Carolina – September 14, 2015
On Monday, August 24, 2015, a motion with primary evidence was filed before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond by Appellants in Case No:14-1678, the “Southern Holdings” case. This motion, supported by primary documentation, asked for the appointment of a Special Master to hold hearings, find the facts and complete the record. The motion and the request was based on leaked evidence from a law enforcement source which had been legally sought for over a decade.The motion documents that senior officials of the Justice Department and United States Senator and Presidential candidate Lindsey Graham were involved in the obstruction of justice of constituents of Senator Graham who sought judicial recourse to being victims of civil rights crimes under color of law with brutality. The only possible motivation was to conceal identified funders of 9/11 terrorist attacks, persons who are now known to be funding ISIS: the Wahhabi sect of radical Sunni Muslims that rule the Saudi Kingdom.
The motion details that the Southern Holdings executives, led by their CEO, were, unknowingly dismantling al Qaeda funding sources eighteen months prior to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Unfortunately, this work of the executives was crushed by the attempted murder of the CEO through the criminal use of the FBI-NCIC system, a criminal use the FBI failed to act on. After the attacks on 9/11, civil litigation was filed by the victims in Federal District Court.

The evidence clearly documents that the Justice Department continued the empirically documented policy of avoiding the public exposure of the Saudi Kingdom involvement in the funding of al Qaeda pre 9/11. The motion documents the Justice Department involvement in criminal contempt of court and obstruction of justice through actions by Assistant Director Michael Kirkpatrick of the FBI in conjunction with United States Senator Lindsey Graham’s offices. These actions occurred even though the patriotic and law abiding Appellants were acting to cut-off al Qaeda funding stemming from the bootlegging of tobacco products. Lawyers from the Justice Department inappropriately invoked the doctrine of National Security, to undermine the proceedings which would have publicly revealed the role of the Saudi Kingdom in the funding of al Qaeda. The Justice Department provided experts with bogus credentials paid for by the United States Government, to testify in a private civil proceeding not involving the U.S. Government which is both unlawful and procedurally against Justice Department oversight policy. These wrongful actions are consistent with the United States Government’s withholding of the 28 pages from the 9/11 report from the American public that identifies funders of 9/11 under the doctrine of National Security.

The newly discovered evidence was received from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (“SLED”) on July 17, 2015 in response to a FOIA submitted on June 18, 2015. A key document that leaked out had been one of many documents believed to be in existence which had legally been sought by the Appellants for over eleven years. The document describes the Justice Department and SLED’s role in the violation of various court orders that constituted obstruction of justice and criminal contempt of court. The action of the Justice Department and SLED completely undermined the Southern Holdings case which ended before trial by the Federal Judge imposing a settlement without the requisite Appellants’ written permission of informed consent.

The motion clearly evidences the role of the FBI, the Justice Department and SLED in the destruction of key evidence (e.g. FBI-NCIC reports, records, FBI laboratory manuals, videotapes, dispatch recordings) and the FBI’s complete failure to initiate non-discretionary investigations into civil rights violations under color of law with brutality by bribed law enforcement personnel. Furthermore, the Justice Department participated in the fabrication of evidence (e.g. FBI Chain of Custody, laboratory reports, subornation of perjury) and now denies any knowledge of the civil rights violations ever being reported to the FBI. These actions led to the inability on the part of the Appellants to receive a fair trial and is consistent with the Justice Department’s goal of concealing the Saudi Kingdoms involvement in funding al Qaeda pre 9/11.

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