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General Assembly Failing Citizens Again

Winthrop Poll Supports Flag Decision

The first Winthrop Poll since spring has some interesting findings among South Carolina respondents regarding the removal of the Confederate battle flag.

The Winthrop Poll is a long-term survey initiative designed to keep public policy makers across the country in touch with the attitudes and opinions of residents of South Carolina. It is the only regular “snapshot” of public policy attitudes of the residents of the South or of the state of South Carolina.

Two-thirds of the respondents said the SC General Assembly made the correct decision this summer to remove the Confederate battle flag from State House grounds. Broken down by race, 54% of White respondents and 93% of Black respondents supported removal of the flag.

However, asked about the significance of the flag, 47% said it stood for Southern pride while 40% of respondents said it stood for racial conflict.

Only 25% of South Carolina respondents said they believed the national economy was going in the right direction. However, again the schism as 63% said the South Carolina economy is good or fairly good.

Respondents said the two most important issues facing South Carolina are jobs/unemployment and education, the two issues tied at 13.3%.

Gov. Nikki Haley received a 55% approval rating with Sen. Tim Scott receiving 53% approval and Sen. Lindsey Graham receiving 40% approval from respondents.

With respect to roads, 84% of respondents said the state should give priority to fixing existing roads over building new roads.

Lindsey Graham on Target on Iran

Sen. Lindsey Graham is right on target regarding the recent agreement between world powers and Iran on Iran’s nuclear development program.

Graham called the deal a “huge lost opportunity”. He said the deal allows Iran to remain on the edge of a breakout for producing nuclear weapons.

Graham is not alone. The governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel are both critical of the agreement, albeit for different reasons.

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Stupid Speak

I know Sen. Lindsey Graham is in re-election mode, but is it really necessary for him to attempt to redefine “stupid” in political speak?

After telling us he was “glad” the National Security Agency was collecting phone records on millions of American citizens and advocating raining cruise missiles down on Syria, Graham’s latest oral gem calls for a U.S. boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia if the Russian government does not deny former NSA contractor Edward Snowden asylum.

Snowden’s the guy who told The Guardian newspaper about the NSA spying efforts on American citizens.