Political Profile – Andrew Preston Brittain

By Paul Gable

Andrew Preston Brittain (pictured here with wife Elizabeth) took his first
step into the political arena last week when he addressed the Beach Dems
Breakfast meeting in Myrtle Beach.

Brittain said he was a candidate for the new S.C. 7th
Congressional District and would begin his campaign in earnest early in

A native of Myrtle Beach, the 31-year old Brittain is a
graduate of Myrtle Beach High School, Wofford College and the University of
South Carolina Law School. He is currently a trial attorney in Myrtle Beach
after serving as a clerk for U.S. District Court Judge Terry Wooten.

Brittain noted he was brought up in a family with a
tradition of service, including several ancestors who fought in World War II,
grandfather Rev. Preston Brittain who is a retired Methodist minister and
father Tommy, a trial attorney.

He told a story about an uncle of his wife, a doctor in Savannah, Ga., who, through foresight and a willingness to experiment with new technology, has been providing free solar energy to the citizens of Savannah.

“I was brought up to believe family matters, service matters
and I believe it’s my time to serve,” said Brittain. “We have a lot to
accomplish in this new district.”

Brittain noted the new district has significant economic
challenges with one in three living in poverty in Dillon County, one in four
living in poverty in Marion County and one in seven living in poverty in Horry

“I love this district and I have a passion to serve this
district,” said Brittain. “We all know someone who works hard, plays by the
rules and can’t make it in today’s economy. Hard work should pay off. ”

He related how his native Myrtle Beach, with an empty site
in the downtown that used to be the home of The Pavilion, is a microcosm of
what is happening in America.

“There used to be shagging on the Boulevard, now there are
people sleeping on the Boulevard,” said Brittain. “Something has to change.”

“What he have in Washington is not very productive,” he
said. “Democrats and Republicans alike are not loyal to their office. Money
drives a lot of things in Washington, but there is something wrong when 90
percent of the economic gains in this country go to the top 10 percent of wage

As a candidate and as a representative, if elected, Brittain
pledged to serve his constituents.

“I will be a listener,” he said. “I will not presume to know
everything. I will listen to the heartbeat of this district and be loyal to the
needs of its citizens.”

Brittain said “nothing is more important than jobs” to the
people of his district and to America in general. He said his candidacy is not
about himself. Rather, it is about improving the lives of the people in the 7th

“The fire is in Washington,” Brittain said. “I’m running to
put it out.”

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  1. I only hope that your plan for helping those not in the 10% of wage earners has nothing to do with income redistribution but rather on helping 90% of the wage earners strive to become the 10%. History will tell you that 10% of the people will always lead the other 90%. It’s just human nature. You as a politician should know this well. In fact, it’s probably closer to 98/2 than 90/10. Most people want to be followers and have someone produce for them. Give them a hand up, not a hand out, and don’t ever penalize the 10% for having the brains and taking the risks to get where they are. Just teach others to get there too. Good luck.

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