An Open Letter to the Citizens of House District 56

(Ed. Note – the following is an op-ed from Republican candidate Dwyer Scott submitted to Grand Strand Daily).

From Dwyer Scott

I would like to thank any media and individuals who have chosen to post this letter to allow it to be read by the citizens of House District 56.

When I first decided to run for political office, many of my friends and coworkers questioned my sanity wondering why I wanted to get into such a corrupt, dirty business.

I told them because I believed District 56 needed someone who cared about fixing the crime and road problems in the district and who wouldn’t let the needs of District 56 be ignored anymore.

I said I may not win, but I was not going to be outworked. I was determined to meet and really talk to as many citizens as possible to hear their comments and complaints.

Going door to door in a political campaign allows you to meet many people who you otherwise may never meet in everyday life. I want to say it has been a privilege to meet many fine citizens in District 56 who care about their homes, neighborhood and quality of life as much as I do.

What I didn’t anticipate, as a novice candidate, is the extent to which big money and special interests were willing to go to influence the outcome of the race. That money is effectively paying for the campaign of one of my opponents, not by contributing directly to him, rather by paying for television and radio ads and direct mail pieces encouraging people to vote for him.

Regardless of how my opponent has attempted to claim ignorance of what is going on and to distance himself from the ads, the Myrtle Beach Chamber and its associates can be tied directly to his campaign.

What is really crazy about this whole scenario is I was invited to meet with Steve Chapman and about eight other people on September 28th. We met and talked for about an hour and a half.

What has come out in the media recently is that on September 25th, three days before that meeting, Chapman and his third party committee had already purchased broadcast media ads on behalf of my opponent.

The effort to sway the voters toward their chosen candidate did not stop there. My opponent proudly posted on his Facebook page an endorsement from the Carolina Forest Republican Club, which in reality is not a club at all but really a couple of people who get together at a local establishment for happy hour every so often.

Congressman Tom Rice got involved in this race on behalf of my opponent Tim McGinnis. This is the same Congressman Rice who has steadfastly opposed getting personally involved in Republican primaries until now.

Through a text message to me, Congressman Rice said he was supporting McGinnis because McGinnis had done things for him in the past and because my stance on I-73 is “counterproductive”.

Let me be clear, as I told Congressman Rice, I am not opposed to I-73 but I think the infrastructure and crime problems in our district must be fixed before we start spending any public money on new roads. This, evidently, is not what the chamber crowd wants to hear.

By comparison, I am proud to have been endorsed by real citizens and voters such as the Coastal Carolina Young Republicans and the Make Myrtle Beaches Free, Clean and Safe Public Group that has so many members from Carolina Forest.

A heartfelt thank you to all of those who endorsed me, I won’t sell out and let you down.

My opponent has continuously denied any connection to the Myrtle Beach Chamber and its associates or any knowledge about the ads and mailers paid for by that group.

I began this campaign by promising to be open and transparent. I reaffirm that promise.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will never lie to you or try to ‘wordsmith’ my way around the truth. My goal in taking office will be to give the best voice possible to the needs of the citizens of District 56.

Thank you for your support and may God Bless You All.



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