Leslye Beaver Considering Council Run

By Paul Gable

Murrells Inlet entrepreneur and businesswoman Leslye Beaver is seriously considering entering the race for the Horry County Council District Five seat.

For a first time candidate, name recognition is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. This will not be a problem for Beaver.

Originator and owner/operator of the Beaver Bar and the newer Big Beaver Bar, Beaver is well known throughout District Five and the county in general.

“I have been deeply involved in the Murrells Inlet and South Strand community since the 1980’s,” Beaver said.

Probably the first association many will make with the Beaver Bar is Bike Weeks. However, this is not a reason for Beaver to enter the race.

“Bike Weeks are only 20 days out of the year,” Beaver said. “District Five needs somebody local who will represent it 365 days per year.”

Beaver said she is pro-business.

“There are a lot of empty buildings in the South Strand,” Beaver said. “We hear a lot of talk about creating jobs. We need to do something to get those buildings filled with small businesses which can create those jobs.”

Above all, Beaver said she would be a people person as a representative with a slogan of ‘What can I do for you today’?

“Being in the bar business for so many years, I know many people just want somebody who will listen to them,” she said. “Dealing with government for such things as permits and licenses is not an easy process. People need somebody they can turn to for help with the process if necessary.”

As a businesswoman, Beaver said she would be fiscally conservative with government spending.

“We must remember it is taxpayer dollars that government spends and it must be spent wisely,” she said. “I am not for big government programs or government intrusion on the average person.”

Another of Beaver’s interests throughout her 25 years in the area is her help with charities. The Big Beaver Bar runs a Sunday Brunch where all proceeds go to local, needy families. Additionally, she has raised money for Childhood Cancer, Breast Cancer, Rolling Thunder, the Wounded Warrior Project and other veterans organizations.

Beaver said she will make a decision within the next two weeks on whether she will file for office.

One thing is certain, she would bring a perspective of ‘thinking outside of the box’ to the council dais.


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