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Absentee Vote Glitch Affects Two Horry County Primary Election Races

Grand Strand Daily has learned that a computer glitch caused incorrect absentee vote totals to be credited to candidates Tuesday night resulting in a change of results for two Horry County primary election races.

According to sources involved in the process, an apparent fault was first discovered Wednesday morning in the absentee vote totals credited to the Horry County Council District Five candidates.

The sources said that some of the absentee vote totals are stored in a computer prior to election night, those being the early voters in the county. Other absentee votes are registered on paper ballots that were cast in the traditional absentee method.

When the paper ballot vote totals were added to the computer vote totals, the addition of approximately 300 extra votes were credited to candidate Clif Smith, according to sources. None of the other candidates received the benefit of extra votes.

Leslye Beaver Considering Council Run

Murrells Inlet entrepreneur and businesswoman Leslye Beaver is seriously considering entering the race for the Horry County Council District Five seat.

For a first time candidate, name recognition is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. This will not be a problem for Beaver.

Originator and owner/operator of the Beaver Bar and the newer Big Beaver Bar, Beaver is well known throughout District Five and the county in general.