First Blood to County in Adult Entertainment Battle

By Paul Gable

Horry County drew first blood in what looks to be a long and protracted battle over its adult entertainment ordinances when a federal judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order Monday.

The judge ruled against a petition by the Gold Club for the order against the county’s two new adult entertainment ordinances, which received final approval September 3rd.

This means the new ordinances remain in effect and the county is free to enforce them, at least until further court action is taken.

What will probably happen is that the county will wait for the 90 day compliance period it has said it will give strip clubs and adult bookstores and novelty shops to bring their businesses into compliance. Then, it will begin issuing citations to those businesses not in compliance with the provisions of the new ordinance.

If and when that happens, the real battle will be joined until the court decides whether the new county ordinances meet constitutional requirements.

While all of this runs its course, we only hope county council will keep a tight rein on the amount of taxpayer dollars being spent on litigation which benefits no one.




One Comment

  1. The court denied an “emergency” TRO, during a hearing without any testimony, but may yet grant a Preliminary Injunction, where testimony will be heard.