Coast RTA Resolution Delayed

By Paul Gable

Coast RTA CEO Myers Rollins asked Horry County Council to delay voting on a resolution to approve releasing the FY 2014 fourth quarter payment, by the county to Coast RTA, of just over $263,000.

Rollins’ request was to allow Coast RTA more time to further act on attempting to change state law so that the composition of its board of directors would more accurately reflect the grant contributions of local governments.

Rollins told council of actions Coast RTA officials have made over the last several weeks to attempt to effect a change in its board population.

Included in this was an important meeting held between Coast RTA officials, four Horry County Council members, one representative from Georgetown County and five members of the Horry County legislative delegation to determine how state law can be changed to allow Coast RTA to restructure its board.

“I and my board feel there is more we can do,” said Rollins. “I ask that you not act tonight on Resolution 87-13, but, continue to let us work and come back in August 2013 to further update Horry County Council.”

Rollins’ intent appears to be letting council know that Coast RTA is doing everything in its power to increase the number of Coast RTA board members designated by Horry County Council.

Council removed consideration of R87-13 from its agenda at Tuesday night’s meeting deferring it until the August 13, 2013 regular meeting of council.

A resolution stating that the county does not intend to allow automatic renewal of its current lease with Huffman Helicopters passed in amended form.

The resolution was necessary to officially notify Huffman Helicopters that the lease would not be renewed in its current form. The amendment to the resolution directed county staff to begin negotiations with Huffman Helicopters for a new lease that would possibly include routes flown, hours of operation and other business operations Huffman Helicopters plans to pursue in the future.


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