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Changing Dynamics on Horry County Council

Changing dynamics among members of Horry County Council could have important impacts in the next several months on several important issues.

Nothing in politics happens in a vacuum and the recent vote on a resolution regarding Huffman Helicopters is expected to have some effects on issues such as adult entertainment, the Horry County Solid Waste Authority and possibly Coast RTA.

The proposed adult entertainment ordinance will be first up with a meeting of a special Ad Hoc Committee to discuss the issue. The meeting will take place August 1 with more than the six council members appointed to the committee expected to attend.

Coast RTA Resolution Delayed

Coast RTA CEO Myers Rollins asked Horry County Council to delay voting on a resolution to approve releasing the FY 2014 fourth quarter payment, by the county to Coast RTA, of just over $263,000.

Rollins’ request was to allow Coast RTA more time to further act on attempting to change state law so that the composition of its board of directors would more accurately reflect the grant contributions of local governments.

Rollins told council of actions Coast RTA officials have made over the last several weeks to attempt to effect a change in its board population.

Resolutions Will Spice Up Horry County Council Meeting

July is normally a quiet time for local government, but Horry County Council will consider two resolutions at its regular July 16, 2013 meeting that could include a bit of controversy.

One resolution tells Huffman Helicopters, Inc. that the county does not intend to agree to a renewal of the November 1, 2008 lease agreement between the county and the company. This is the lease agreement under which Huffman Helicopters operates its tourist helicopter rides out of a corner of the Myrtle Beach International Airport property.

The noise of helicopter sight-seeing rides conducted by both Huffman Helicopters and Helicopter Adventure have been the source of increasing complaints from residents of neighborhoods negatively affected by noise from the operations.

Horry County Council Needs Counsel

It has become increasingly apparent over the last several months that Horry County Council needs to contract an independent attorney to provide it with legal counsel and guidance exclusively.

The need was uniquely demonstrated during council’s Administration Committee meeting July 12th.

During that meeting, committee members discussed a resolution to be considered by full council at its regular meeting Tuesday July 16,
2013. The resolution states council does not intend to extend its current lease at Myrtle Beach International Airport with Huffman Helicopters.