Bike Rally Ordinance Dies

By Paul Gable

Two months, much confusion and many hard feelings later, the ordinance to change bike rallies was killed by Horry County Council Tuesday night by a 10-2 vote. Council members Harold Worley and Gary Loftus voted against the majority.

This means the current law under which vendor permits are issued will remain as it has been for the past three years.

Vendor permits will be issued for seven days at a cost of $800 east of the waterway and $500 west of the waterway.

This was an issue that had no need to arise. The ordinance was first discussed at the February Committee of the Whole meeting of county council with council chairman Tom Rice stating “something” would be on the agenda for first reading at the county’s February 28, 2012 meeting.

Rice led the “Take Back May” movement several years ago, before being elected to county council. The movement effectively cancelled bike rallies in Myrtle Beach.

His intention from the beginning was to develop an ordinance that would further discourage bike rally attendance in the county. Rice has been heard privately to say he would get rid of every biker in Horry County if he could, he didn’t care if it cost the county “a trillion dollars”.

Addressing that point, Renee Culler, a 7th Congressional District Republican candidate as is Rice, told council during public discussion, “The Grand Strand is America’s beach and as such should welcome all to come. Myrtle Beach told bikers they are not welcome. Tom Rice led that attack and now, as chairman of county council, he wants to drive bikers out of the county completely.”

Chris Panos, a member of the local ABATE chapter, told council, “I have had e-mails from Virginia Beach in the last few days. Virginia Beach said ‘If they don’t want you we will take you (the bike rallies).” Panos told council they were not elected to advance “your likes and your dislikes.”

Ultimately admitting defeat, Rice voted with the majority to kill the ordinance that he initiated. One night earlier, during a debate of 7th District Republican candidates, Rice said, “Let’s get the government out of the way and let’s let this free enterprise system work its magic.”

With the defeat of the Rice ordinance, maybe the free enterprise system will get a chance to work its magic with this year’s bike rallies.



  1. Refreshingly correct article!

  2. Tom Rice just lost his campaign to be elected to Congress. Count on it.

    Chair of Horry County Council is the only elected office he has ever held, and he has not been able to get the members to support his signature issue. Let’s hope he returns to the relative obscurity from whence he came before much longer.

    Buh bye, Trillion Dollar Tom!

  3. The money behind Rice also funds at least one other candidate and he just may be running on the other party’s ticket. Simply a smart political move- covering all the bases. Like minded occasionally means like named.

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  5. How refreshing to see this ordianance defeated and a public blow dealt to Tom Rice’s idiotic bigotry.

  6. Bikers need to go away and stay away. The families were coming back to Myrtle Beach and now their idiocy will drive them away again. Bikers are a bunch of trailer living, rednecks and need to go to VA. Let VA Beach have them.. Please!

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  8. Ignorance is a terrible thing!
    I am a registered nurse and I have many professional friends that ride and enjoy the bike rallies. There are always some people in every group that will act Inappropriately but all should not be judged by a few.
    Open your mind and meet some of the people that are visiting and spending lots of money in your city. They really aren’t so bad!
    See ya soon!!!!

  9. To “Dumb Bikers” poster – Bikers HAVE families too. Do those bashing bikers even realize that the doctor or lawyer that they have used for years may well be a biker? Quit pre-judging who is who and EDUCATE yourself a bit better.

  10. Dumb Bikers, your statement is one of the most short sighted I have ever read. Obviously a transplant from another state. Motorcycle riders coming to those rally’s bring dollars to the region. A region almost totally dependent on tourism dollars. Perhaps you should relocate to a place that agrees with your prejudicial view, go back where you came from, or just simply acknowledge that you live in the US. Freedom of movement is part and parcel of a Republic, no matter what you live in, or what color your neck may be. I bet you think Obama is doing a great job as well.

  11. YOU are an anonymous idiot ! Bikers are a family and care
    about family and country more than any other subculture
    of AMERICAN society.
    Are you saying “families”,spring breakers and golfers are
    perfect people?I have attended many bike rallies all over the world and most of the trouble comes from non-bikers crashing the party.
    Have you ever attended a biker event? 99% of us just ride,have fun and help others…Name one other group
    of people that have a common interest that help more
    people in need.
    Now lets talk about money and commerce.It was reported that the spring bikeweek in Daytona brought
    300 million $ in revenue to the area…..So many towns
    in this country have started putting on events because the good we do far outweighs the small amount of problems.
    YOUR view of a 70 yr old tradition is totally misguided,uneducated and self serving….Think about
    the other people that the Myrtle Beach Bike Events help…Come on out and have a beer !

    Keith DeNinno

  12. Hey Freefall – I agree with you on bikers and the rally’s, but I happen to think Obama is doing a good job considering the mess he was left with. I suppose you think the Republican mantra of getting out of the way of business tracks nicely with the Republicans wanting to shut down the rallies. Be careful about generalities, my friend.

  13. Hmmm..let’s see….anti bike position in the county wide chairman election led to 70% of the vote. Seems like a mandate to me Boz. Sorry you are in the minority my friend, and this pathetic blog is about all your are qualified for. Please dont quit your day job of “celebrity.” You’re future is not very bright in political science. Don’t let the facts get in the way of hateful propaganda Paul is paid to spew. 70% is pretty strong. Pretty damn strong!

  14. I like most have been coming to Myrtle Beach for decades with my family. Around 28 years old, I grew an attachment for Motorcycles. We would plan a week long trip…my wife, 2 kids, and in laws, to MB and enjoy the beach and bike week. We spent MONEY…too much at times on food, beverages, hotel, shirts, shows, Broadway at the Beach, Pavilion, and whatever else we could. Too bad that the City of MB has elected these officials. In an economy that is strained already, to say the least, I’m sorry that my money is going elsewhere.

    We may come for a short weekend to the beach, but we do not stay in MB or spend our money there. My apologies to the business owners in MB, because it is not you I dont support…rather the the officials that have been elected to drive MB to the ground. Heres an idea, VOTE THEM OUT, and get your city back! Pretty soon the beach will be drained and you can call yourself Myrtle Beach Desert because no one will be there and the water will be gone…. because it drives too many people to the area.

    If your a resident of MB, I’m sorry that you retired to a tourist town with lots of traffic…move to Hilton Head where all of the buidings look the same and there are so many ordinances, even you should be happy.

    Enough of my rant….I dont have a vote in MB, but if I did, I would be removing the idiots that are ruining your city and driving your most loyal of fans away to other cities. My 2 Cents!!!!!

  15. You are stupid

  16. Hey dumb biker I will be there in may why don’t u hit me up love to hear you say this crap and not just write it

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