Viers Arrest Terminates Candidacy

By Paul Gable

S.C. Rep Thad Viers, an early announced candidate for the 7th Congressional District seat, is pulling out of the race due to his arrest on first degree harassment charges of an ex=girlfriend today. He also announced he would not seek re-election to his current office due to the incident.

Viers turned himself in to Myrtle Beach police this afternoon. The question is how did Myrtle Beach become the agency of record? Viers does not live in Myrtle Beach, the ex-girlfriend reportedly lives in Charleston and the harassment took place via cell phone and internet.

According to reports, the ex-girlfriend told police she had broken off her relationship with Viers last June and had repeatedly asked Viers to stop harassing her.

For Viers, a five-term S.C. representative from Horry County, this is not a new problem. In 2007, Viers pleaded no contest and paid a $500 fine for threatening the life of his estranged wife’s new boyfriend. The couple has since divorced.

Several months ago, Viers was reportedly physically removed from a bar after a confrontation with a deputy solicitor from Horry County. Both were attending a solicitor’s conference at Hilton Head at the time.