Wallace: The Economy Is My Top Priority

The Economy Is My Top Priority

Randal Wallace: The Economy Is My Top Priority

By Randal Wallace

Across the nation, our friends and neighbors are struggling in this current economy. People have seen the value of their homes decrease and the prices of goods and services increase, which has unfortunately created a drastic decrease in their quality of life.

The No. 1 issue that directly impacts our livelihood is our economy. Our district has areas with unemployment rates at 20 percent or higher, and many who are working are under-employed or have had their pay scaled back. Over the past few months, I have traveled throughout this district to speak with residents about the economy, and I hear time and time again that people are hurting, and that things have to get better.

One of the biggest contributors to our falling economy is the obscene amount of national debt our country has accumulated. As a result of out-of-control spending by our federal government, and its failure to properly address entitlement reform, we are spending more money that we are bringing in each year. It is time for a federal balanced-budget amendment, and I support just that. I also support common-sense entitlement reform that allows seniors currently receiving their benefits to keep them, and to make it solvent for future generations.

I do not agree with those who believe that we can just raise taxes and spend our way to a better economy. The worse thing we can do to those who are already struggling is to raise taxes, removing much needed capital from the private sector. I know that everyday folks know how to spend their money better than the government, and I support reforming the tax code so that individuals can keep more of their income.

To have a lasting improvement on our economy, we need more jobs. I support efforts conducive to job growth and methods that make it easier for entrepreneurs to not only create their own business, but to be successful in their endeavors. I also support getting rid of the burdensome regulations and mandates that our current Administration is imposing on businesses and employers. These mandates and regulations hurt our work force, force employers to close their doors, force workers to go to the unemployment line, and that is wrong.

Another way to improve our economy is to decrease energy costs. I hear from people all over the district that if gas prices were cheaper, they would have more money to save or spend on other goods. I have long-supported efforts to increase domestic energy production, including offshore natural gas exploration. Retrieval of natural gas off our coast would dramatically reduce energy costs, and would provide thousands of good jobs here at home.

Improving the economy is my No. 1 objective. I know the challenges that people face here in the district, and I want to help. That is why I am running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District, and I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity to work for you.

Randal Wallace is currently serving his 3rd term on Myrtle Beach City Council and is running for the Republican nomination in the newly created SC-7th Congressional District. Randal is in the real estate industry at Waccamaw Land and Timber, and is an active member in several Republican groups within Horry County and Pee Dee communities.

For further information about Randal, please visit VoteRandalWallace.com.


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