Bureaucracy to prevail at expense of the taxpayer

The Do-Nothing SC General Assembly

By Paul Gable

The SC General Assembly is moving quickly to another do-nothing year with respect to legislation that may actually be positive for the state.

Ethics reform went down in February because the Senate would not allow independent oversight of its members.

Legislation to raise money for road repairs is on the Senate’s contested calendar making it highly unlikely it will be up for a vote in the few weeks remaining in this legislative year.

Legislation to make Homeowners Associations more accountable to their members never got any traction in Columbia.

And the SC General Assembly kicked the can down the road to a study committee rather than try to deal with the problem of public education funding in the state.

But, it looks like a bill to ban tattooing and piercing of dogs and cats (H 3917) will successfully be passed into law before this year’s session ends.

How can anyone possibly take the SC General Assembly seriously when these types of actions pass for lawmaking in Columbia?

Gov. Nikki Haley made headlines over the weekend for blasting legislators at the recently completed SC Republican Party Convention.

But, Haley’s outburst was more temper tantrum than indignation.

It seems Haley is mad legislators didn’t want to consider her net tax cut while debating legislation to fix SC roads.

Haley, therefore, decided to become the latest conscience of conservatives in South Carolina.

This is the same governor who has no problem giving billions of dollars in state incentive money to bribe private business to locate in the state.

I guess her motto is “billions for private business, not one cent for public roads.”

This is what happens when voters keep electing politicians who know nothing about governing and whose only goal is to remain in office.

There was a time when SC legislators tried to improve education and the state’s infrastructure.

Now, without having to face opposition for reelection, they are free to only worry about how to spend their campaign funds on things like personal trips to Israel and neckties.

I would like to think this too shall pass, but I doubt it.

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