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Fry Ignores Veterans, Goes to New Hampshire Trump Rally

South Carolina 7th Congressional District Representative Russell Fry was among a contingent of Palmetto State politicians who traveled to New Hampshire to make cameo appearances at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump.
Each had the opportunity to say a few words in support of Trump for the Republican nomination for President the day before the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary. However, the fact of the group going to New Hampshire to voice support for Trump seemed more like a “kiss the ring” exercise for their own political well-being in South Carolina, given Trump’s popularity in the Palmetto State, than a necessary action to help Trump win in New Hampshire.
Does anyone really believe that New Hampshire voters are going to seriously be moved by what a bunch of S. C. politicians say to them anymore than S. C. voters are going to listen to what a group of New Hampshire politicians say?

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