Fry Ignores Veterans, Goes to New Hampshire Trump Rally

By Paul Gable

South Carolina 7th Congressional District Representative Russell Fry was among a contingent of Palmetto State politicians who traveled to New Hampshire to make cameo appearances at a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump.

Each had the opportunity to say a few words in support of Trump for the Republican nomination for President the day before the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary. However, the fact of the group going to New Hampshire to voice support for Trump seemed more like a “kiss the ring” exercise for their own political well-being in South Carolina, given Trump’s popularity in the Palmetto State, than a necessary action to help Trump win in New Hampshire.

Does anyone really believe that New Hampshire voters are going to seriously be moved by what a bunch of S. C. politicians say to them anymore than S. C. voters are going to listen to what a group of New Hampshire politicians say?

It was also an opportunity for this group to “stick a thumb in the eye” of former S. C. Governor Nikki Haley who is Trump’s only remaining opponent for the Republican nomination. Haley has always been an outsider to the traditional Republican political establishment in South Carolina, of which this group are charter members. Some in this group were instrumental in getting a Trump endorsement for Fry in his 2022 challenge to Rep. Tom Rice for the 7th Congressional District seat.

Fry was quoted as saying at the rally, “We could be in our home state, but we chose to come to New Hampshire for a reason.”

Grand Strand Daily has been contacted by a group of constituent veterans who have been trying to get an appointment with Fry to speak about issues with the Veteran’s Administration and its medical care. A spokesman for the group said he has left five messages with Fry’s Congressional office without any response. One would think meeting with constituent veterans to hear about their problems getting care for service-related medical conditions would be a reason to stay home and avoid the bitter cold of New Hampshire. Evidently, meeting with these veterans is not a good enough reason to avoid traveling 1,000 miles for a photo op with the former president.

Fry has never been a major vocal supporter and defender of Trump like House colleagues Marjorie Taylor Green and Elise Stefanik, so it was probably time for Fry to put in a public appearance to guard against Trump endorsing someone else against him in the upcoming 2024 election.

It was only after Fry was endorsed by Trump in the last election that Fry began speaking out about former Rep. Rice’s vote to impeach Trump. Rice was the 7th Congressional District representative for five terms before his career ending vote. It remains unclear whether Fry believes the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

As a citizen, it is Fry’s right to attend any political gathering he chooses. However, as the representative for the 7th Congressional District, it would be good if he attended to the concerns of his constituents first, especially veterans who have sacrificed to protect this country.

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