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Nikki Haley and Her Road Plan

We finally know the secret plan of Gov. Nikki Haley to fix the state’s roads.

Haley announced her three-part plan to fix state roads during her State of the State address two nights ago.

The three-part plan is – increase the state gas tax by 10 cents over three years, decrease state income tax rates by 2 percent over 10 years and restructure the Department of Transportation from a legislative appointed agency to a governor appointed agency.

Obesity Problem

The Beaufort County Obesity Problem


** We need to pack the meeting tomorrow!

The County Council meeting tomorrow, Monday, June 10 at 5pm in the County Council Chambers, Ribaut Street.

On the Agenda are THREE, Yes, THREE tax increases.
1% Sales Tax – Ballot Referendum
Property Tax Roll Forward – Part of the New Budget being voted on
4.86% Property Tax Millage Rate Increase – Part of the New Budget being voted on