Obesity Problem

The Beaufort County Obesity Problem


** We need to pack the meeting tomorrow!

The County Council meeting tomorrow, Monday, June 10 at 5pm in the County Council Chambers, Ribaut Street.

On the Agenda are THREE, Yes, THREE tax increases.
1% Sales Tax – Ballot Referendum
Property Tax Roll Forward – Part of the New Budget being voted on
4.86% Property Tax Millage Rate Increase – Part of the New Budget being voted on

This is the meeting agenda:

If accepted it will be approved!

Contact information:

The following is an email sent to each and every County Council members on Friday. To date only 3 have had the courtesy of responding: Rick Caporale, Brian Flewelling and Steve Baer:

To Each Council Member,

I urge you to vote against this property tax increase. We understand that many county employees have undergone wage freezes. However, we are still in an economic crisis with many of our citizens still unemployed, under employed and facing cut backs. The price of gas still remains at record high, which directly affects not only the driving habits of consumers but the buying power of all goods and services. Groceries of everyday staples such as bread and milk in some stores has increase 200% over the past three years. A loaf of bread, which sold for only $ .99, now goes for $2.49. Cost of everything has risen including clothing, school supplies, home improvement items as well as good and services like home care, baby sitting services and car repair.

The rising economic burden to the individual tax payer is enormous and will burst into the obscene with the looming implementation of the taxes of the “Affordable Health Care Act.”

Today, is not the time or place to increase our property taxes. Increasing property taxes will only place that burden fully on the shoulders of every consumer in our county. It means less money to cover the increased cost of consumer items to the primary home owner. To the renter, higher rent. To the consumer, the offset of higher business property taxes onto goods and services, thus compounding the already high consumer prices. It is a snowball rolling downhill creating an avalanche!

I urge you to vote against this increase and urge the council to find other cost cutting devices, such as outsourcing services to filChoose from the most used tagsl the budget gap, as well as postponing ambitious public work projects until a more economically feasible time.

Ann Ubelis

PS – All members of the Beaufort TEA Party have been notified of the June 10th meeting

Any questions, feel free to call me at 843-473-7712 Ann Ubelis


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