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Update: Gun Rights Debate, Big Gov at Worst

The Horry County Public Safety Committee debate tonight on restricting weapons discharges in the unincorporated areas of the county was an example of government at its worst. Two days after a proposed ordinance to restrict gun use was circulated throughout the county, the whole debate became a non-issue.

Sparked by complaints from homeowners of weapons being discharged in fairly populated sub-divisions in the unincorporated areas, such as Carolina Forest, several council members requested the issue to be debated by council. The concept was to look for ways to possibly address sub-division residents’ concerns without affecting the more rural western areas of the county.

Rather than a full council discussion, such as a Committee of the Whole meeting, the issue was put on the agenda of the Public Safety Committee. County attorney Arrigo Carotti reportedly took it upon himself to craft the ordinance for discussion purposes.

Bennett into 7th Congressional District Race?

Word is making its way around Horry County that former Coastal Carolina University head football coach David Bennett is seriously considering a run for the new 7th Congressional District seat.

Bennett’s entry into the race could be a game changer in many ways for the already crowded field. A native of Cheraw, Bennett would have instant name recognition throughout the 7th district with strong personal ties in both the western part of the district as well as Horry and Georgetown counties in the east. Any political consultant will tell you that name recognition is the number one factor in a race that has numerous candidates.

Bennett has strong ties with all levels of Horry County voters. He also will probably benefit from a considerable sympathy vote due to the way he was ousted as CCU coach at the end of last season. Bennett’s ouster is considered a betrayal by the CCU leadership after 11 loyal and successful years at the Chanticleers helm.

Prosser Addresses Energy Needs

The unseasonably warm winter in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand makes the wait for summer seem that much shorter. But with gas prices spiking, summer could mean less trips to the beach and fewer vacations for many American families.

As director of South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism for eight years, I closely monitored the impact of gas prices on visitor spending. Even when families are able to take their cherished summer beach vacation, the bite that higher gas prices takes from their wallets curtails spending on restaurants, attractions and souvenirs, and often shortens their trip.

In addition to the direct impact on tourism, higher gas prices also ripple through the economy increasing the costs for businesses, including our critical distribution centers in the area. These higher costs are passed through to cash-strapped consumers in the form of higher prices.

Is Killing the Harley Rally the Goal

Horry County Council will vote tomorrow night on second reading of an ordinance to reduce bike week vendor permits from the current seven to five days.

Combining the reduced days with wording in the ordinance that allows the county to stipulate which five consecutive days the permits will be valid for brings the very real possibility that vendors will not be selling on weekends. Making the permits valid from Monday through Friday cuts out the traditionally highest sales days for vendors and could go a long way toward significantly reducing attendance at the Harley Davidson rally.

This appears to be the ultimate goal of those pushing the ordinance, led by council chairman Tom Rice. The real question is why.

Foxworth, Thompson Announce Candidacies

The local political scene is heating up with filing for state and local candidates opening at noon Friday.

Two incumbent Horry County politicians held campaign kick-off events recently to start the Spring primary election season.

Incumbent District Three Horry County Council member Marion Foxworth welcomed approximately 150 friends and supporters to an event at Victoria’s Country Cooking Saturday evening. The event was hosted by Robert Shelley and Victoria’s owner John Johnson.

Foxworth, a Democrat, had an interesting cross-party mix at his event including fellow Republican council members Harold Worley, Jody Prince and Carl Schwartzkopf and former council member Mark Lazarus.

Chad Prosser Signs Contract and Pledge

Yesterday Chad Prosser, candidate for the Republican nomination in South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District, signed the ‘Contract from America’ and the ‘Obamacare Repeal Pledge.’ These pledges bind the signer to fighting for limited government, economic freedom and the repeal of Obamacare.

The ‘Contract from America’ is a document that was generated by conservative grassroots activists across the nation and designed to bind candidates for office to upholding limited government and economic freedom. The ‘Obamacare Repeal Pledge’ binds signers to endorse and vote for all measures in the next Congress leading to the defunding, deauthorization, and repeal of Obamacare. The Repeal Pledge is a project of both Independent Women’s Voice and American Majority Action.

Bike Vendor Permit Cut Passes 1st Reading

Horry County Council voted 7-5 Tuesday night, on first reading of an ordinance, to reduce bike vendor and special event permits from the current seven days to five, including set up and take down operations. Council members Harold Worley, Al Allen, James Frazier, Jody Prince and Bob Grabowski voted nay.

This is the second reduction in three years for the number of days for which permits will be issued. Three years ago, council reduced the number of permit days from 10 to seven. The cost of the permits ($800) has remained the same while the number of days has been reduced, effectively raising the cost of doing business per day, for vendors, by 100 percent over the three year period.

NRCC places Rice “On the Radar”

Myrtle Beach, SC – Tom Rice, Republican candidate for Congress for the Seventh Congressional district in S.C., was recognized recently for his successful campaign efforts by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). NRCC is the official Republican organization dedicated to electing Republicans to Congress.

“I’m honored to have received this important designation from the NRCC,” said Rice. “We are delighted that our campaign is leading the field in the amount of money raised, but our success is simply a testament to individuals investing in our message of lower taxes, less government regulation, and our commitment to balancing the budget and ending out-of-control spending.”

Dems Schedule Candidate Events

Horry County Democratic voters will get three chances to hear from the candidates for the new 7th Congressional District across the next several months.

The four announced Democratic candidates, Preston Brittain, Gloria Tinubu, Parnell Diggs and Ted Vick will be at a reception commemorating Black History Month Saturday February 25th. The reception will be held at the Mason Temple C.O.G.I.C., 1501 7th Avenue, Conway beginning at 6 p.m.

The reception will offer the opportunity to sample recipes from the Horry County Democratic Party cookbook, meet the guest of honor, Mother Laura Grate who is 104 years old, and meet and speak with the candidates.

Prosser Added to NRCC ‘Young Guns’ Program

– The National Republican Congressional Committee named former Sanford Cabinet member Chad Prosser to ‘On the Radar’ status with the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program in South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District. Prosser rose to this level in less than one month of campaigning, an impressive feat showing the momentum his campaign has generated.

In only a few weeks since announcing his candidacy, Chad Prosser has established a district wide network of financial supporters, which will ensure that Chad has the resources necessary to communicate his message to voters across the district. “The NRCC’s Young Guns program is a great program that supports candidates to ensure that the best Republican candidate makes it through to the general election,” said Prosser. “I am honored to be included in this program, a step that further validates the momentum we have generated less than a month into this race.”