Surfside Beach Dog Park – No Barking Allowed!

Surfside Beach Dog Park - No Barking Allowed!By Paul Gable

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, some elected official does a little thinking and comes up with the brilliant idea of outlawing barking at the Surfside Beach Dog Park.

We know ‘elected official thinking’ is an oxymoron, but the proposal by Surfside Beach town council member Randle Stephens is, frankly, nuts.

He has submitted a resolution, which would outlaw the name “Barc Park”, at the town’s dog park, because it encourages barking by the dogs visiting it. Stephens also submitted an accompanying sign that reads “Please be courteous and respectful to your dog park neighbors. No dog barking and loud noise.”

What is unknown at this point is how many dogs visiting the park bother to read signs.

Who voted for this guy and what in the world were they thinking when they did?

Surfside Beach is known for electing some ‘off the wall’ people to council and suffering the consequences. However, if this is the type of issue council members are now going to debate, why not just cancel town council meetings? The residents would probably be better off.

We wonder if there’s any truth to the rumors that there are several more proposals waiting in the wings for Surfside Beach town council to consider, such as ‘no reading allowed at the library’ and ‘no swimming or bathing suits allowed at the beach?’

We can only wait and see.

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  1. The guy is barking up wrong tree… he is all bark and no bite, no butt seriously, I think he just hates puppies, ya know Ted Bundy did not like puppies…

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