SCGOP Website Confuses Public

By Paul Gable

Several calls to this reporter questioned the SCGOP website
regarding purchasing tickets to the Presidential Primary Debate weekend coming
January 14-16, 2012.

After choosing the purchase of one
(1) $500 package, which includes access to all events plus two (2) tickets to
the debate and two nights stay at a local hotel, and clicking through to the
payment page, information for one (1) attendee is asked for after the payment

Callers questioned whether this
meant only one attendee would be admitted to the debate.

A call to the SCGOP headquarters
assured us the package would include two (2) debate tickets, but information
was only requested for one attendee, presumably to pick up the package when you

This also simplifies a situation
where one person may be purchasing the package, but two different people will
be using the package and attending the debate.

According to the information from
SCGOP headquarters, don’t worry, the purchase of one (1) $500 package will get
two people into the debate and all other events.

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  1. Do you get to play in that really big sand pile that is supposed to look like Michele Bachman, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul with the purchase of those tickets?

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