SCDOR Cyber-Hacking Scandal


A S.C. House special committee investigating the cyber-hacking scandal at the S.C. Department of Revenue heard shocking testimony from former SCDOR security officer Scott Shealy yesterday regarding incompetence at the agency.

Shealy worked as an IT security officer for DOR from 1997 – 2011 when he resigned to go to work for the S.C. Judicial Department. His testimony described an agency that was more interested in pinching pennies than assuring security of the records it was responsible to protect.

Maybe Shealy’s most shocking revelation was that the data security chief position he held went unfilled for 10 months after his departure while the data security team that worked for him was effectively dismantled.

Full details of Shealy’s testimony are covered in an excellent article by The Nerve reporter Scott Aiken. It makes you question what the hell is going on in Columbia during the reign of Nikki Haley.

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  1. If this happened to, say a bank or mortgage company, I wonder what Nikki Haley would say about them….

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