Rand Paul in 2016

By Paul E. Gable

While the 2016 election is another three and one-half years away, pundits are serving up verbal lap dances of every candidate under the sun on both sides of the aisle. But, Sen. Rand Paul is the one man that stands out from the crowd.

Sen. Paul is dead-on when he says this government needs a remediation. Sen. Paul is dead on when he says that for 100 years, power has been moving toward the executive branch.

He is dead on with his aggressive, unapologetic counterattacks against both Democrats and Republicans who are willing to sacrifice liberty for theoretical safety.

And, Sen. Paul is the only member of Congress who has been willing to take on not just Democrats, but also the “stale and moss covered” dopes within the G.O.P., including, but not limited to Lindsey Graham and John McCain, two who have long worn out their welcome.

I don’t want to hear a word about ol’ Jeb Bush. Don’t we know that Jeb truly stands for Just Enough Bush? We’ve seen how the last two turned out, and America truly does not need to go through that for a third time. Seriously, how stupid would that be?

Chris Christie? Please, he’s too busy yelling at New York students about how he can’t understand why Yankees fans boo and taunt Mets fans.

Sarah Palin? Uh, go back and re-read my last sentence about Jeb.

Marco Rubio? The immigration saga will kill his chances, mark my words.

Hillary Clinton? Two words — Benghazi Scandal, actually too old.

In an era where the current administration is the Old MacDonald’s Farm of scandals: Here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal, America needs Sen. Paul as its president.

As he showed this spring during his epic 13-hour filibuster, Sen. Paul stands up for all Americans.

He is dead right when he says things like, “If you give up your rights now, don’t expect to get them back.” If anything, the last few weeks have showed us just how true that statement is.

Sen. Paul is the only person willing to force the federal government back inside its constitutional cage with various bills like the Fourth Amendment Restoration Act, the Separation of Powers and Second Amendment Restoration Act and the Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act.

Now, perhaps, I should clarify something here — I was a big fan of libertarian icon Ron Paul, who is Rand’s father. Much like his father, who got royally screwed by the G.O.P. in Florida last year, Sen. Paul offers a unique blend of non-partisan constitutionalism with the fearless facing off with the leadership of both parties.

And, that scares the establishment on both sides as well as being why we need this man as our President in 2016.

Now is not the time to hide behind fears and listen to the stupidity that continues to spew from the mouths of McCain and Graham.

Now is time to get upset about the direction of our country. Now is the time to say dammit, we’re mad as hell as we’re not gonna take it anymore.

Now is the time to wake up from the stupid slumber we have been in for the last 12 years and take back control of our country with someone who wants to help us.

(Ed. Note: The writer is a journalist in Shelbyville, Indiana and my son.)

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