Palmetto Liberty PAC Legislative Scorecard

Palmetto Liberty PAC Legislative Fiscal Scorecard

By Paul Gable

The Palmetto Liberty PAC released its legislative scorecards for the 2012 S.C. General Assembly session completed in June.

In a state that likes to consider itself one of the most conservative in the nation, the scorecards from Palmetto Liberty PAC, a Tea Party based organization, tell a different story.

A total of 15 votes in the House and 17 votes in the Senate were tracked on the scorecards. Included were the state budget, a proposed rebate to taxpayers, government reorganization and other fiscal issues.

In a year when the state experienced an excess of more than $1 billion in expected revenue, it would have been supposed that state legislators would have put that money to good use.

Not so. There was no rebate to taxpayers and little dedicated to closing the nearly $15 billion deficit in the public employees retirement fund. In addition, key state infrastructure, such as road and bridge maintenance, was ignored.

But, the legislators managed to spend $7 billion in the state general fund and $23.6 billion overall in the current fiscal year.

Why does this happen? Basically because there will be little to no competition for re-election to the free spending “conservative” lawmakers in Columbia.

To see how your legislators scored, click on the links below.


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