SCGOP In-Fighting

Nikki Haley and her Dead Voters

By Paul Gable

The Columbia Free Times reported last week that the claim of Gov. Nikki Haley that dead persons were voting in South Carolina elections was completely unfounded.

Of the 957 deceased voters Gov. Nikki Haley alleged voted in statewide elections, exactly none have been verified.

After 18 months of investigation, SLED issued a 500 page report last week finding no evidence that anyone cast a ballot in the name of a dead person.

The initial list came from Haley’s DMV director Kevin Schwedo who told a hearing at the S.C. House that “well over 900 people appear to have voted after they died.”

All of this nonsense was used to justify the 2011 voter identification law that was passed in South Carolina.

Haley’s antics as governor are ridiculous. We know there is no legal requirement for political speech to be accurate or truthful, but Haley continues to explore the outer bounds of this policy.

However, there is one dead person Haley proves correct every time she opens her mouth. One hundred and fifty three years after S.C. judge James L. Petigru said, “South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum,” Haley proves the wisdom of this statement every day.

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  1. We should not forget about those zombie voters Alan Clemmons was yammering about. Did SLED find any of those?

  2. Has ANYBODY asked the “author” of the Voter Bill MB’s own Rep. Alan Clemmons what he thinks about his and Haley’s lying stampede to the bill (written by ALEC?)? Come on he is YOUR Representative

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