Residents protest International Drive delays

By Paul Gable

The delays on beginning the International Drive project are becoming more and more of a concern to citizens of Carolina Forest, Hwy 90 and Horry County in general.

The breakdown in talks between Horry County officials and representatives of the Coastal Conservation League and SC Wildlife Federation last week resulted in more meetings among concerned citizens groups in the county.

Normally, the Coastal Conservation League and its allies depend upon the support of the average public to be successful in meeting their goals.

The International Drive issue is working exactly the opposite. Regular citizens, all of whom understand the importance of the road for public safety and traffic inner-connectivity, are increasing their protests against the delaying tactics of the conservationists for no real reason.

And, if the environmentalists are not careful, the public outcry against the stalling of International Drive will manifest itself with other projects. This is definitely true if the propensity of the environmentalists to make demands for money, ostensibly to buy land not needed for mitigation on projects, continues.

Tomorrow, a group of citizens from the Carolina Forest and Hwy 90 areas will descend on the offices of the Coastal Conservation League to register a public protest. The demonstration will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Read the announcement below:

“Enough is Enough”

On Wednesday August 26, 2015 a group of concerned citizens residing in communities along the Highway 90 corridor will exercise its First Amendment Right and conduct a Public Protest Demonstration at the offices of the Coastal Conservation League located at 709B Front Street in Georgetown SC.

The demonstration, known as “Enough is Enough”,  will protest the continued actions of the Coastal Conservation League, the Wildlife Federation and the South Carolina Environmental Law Project to delay, stymie and if possible cancel the International Drive Paving Project in Horry County, SC.

While there are many other benefits, this project is foremost a public safety issue which would provide a direct connection between the residents along the highway 90 corridor and residents in the Carolina Forest area. It will provide a direct route between the two communities for Fire and Rescue units, Fire Emergency units, more direct access to Grand Strand Medical Center, an additional evacuation route, just to name a few. The improved access for these services could save the life a resident in these communities.

Over the last few years environmental groups including the Coastal Conservation League demanded and received $5 million not to challenge the Boeing Plant construction and another $5 million not to challenge the Charleston Harbor Dredging Project.

On August 17, 2015 they requested Horry County pay $1.6 million taxpayer dollars not to continue their challenges to the International Drive Project. While not a direct and outright request, they know full well the $1.6 million payment will be the result they intend.

That was the last straw. Enough is enough. Enough of obstructionists  operating under the guise of conservationists. Enough of extortionists  operating under the guise of environmentalists. These groups have but one purpose and motive ……………MONEY……………and the taxpayer can no longer be their collection point.

Contact: Bill Beidleman
Hillsborough Community

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