Horry County Candidate Filings

By Paul Gable

It will be an active primary season in Horry County as 11 contested Republican nominations, within the county, will keep voters occupied throughout the spring.

That’s even before you begin to consider statewide primaries where only Attorney General Alan Wilson and Secretary of State Mark Hammond are without primary opponents.

There are no contested Democratic primaries for countywide candidates in the June primaries. Republican candidates not listed below do not have opposition.

Four county council seats will be contested by Republican candidates. District Two will have two-term incumbent Brent Schulz facing Bill Howard. District Five has four Republican candidates, Reese Boyd III, Chuck Ottwell, Tyler Servant and Clif Smith looking to succeed retiring incumbent Paul Price.

District Seven will see Mike Roberts and former council chair Liz Gilland squaring off to see which one will challenge Democratic incumbent James Frazier in the fall general election. District Eight has three challengers, Candace Howell, John Vaught and Dan Cochran, seeking to replace retiring incumbent Carl Schwartzkopf.

School Board seats are nearly as active. District One incumbent Harvey Eisner will be challenged by Holly Heniford. District Two incumbent Karen McIlrath will face challenger Sherrie Todd in the primary. In District Three, two Republican candidates, Keith Van Winkle and Ray Winters, will face off in the primary for the chance to challenge incumbent Democrat Jimmy Washington in the November general election.

Three local members of the S.C. House of Representatives will face challenges in the primaries.

District 56 incumbent Mike Ryhal will again face Dennis DiSabato in the June Republican primary.

District 58 will have four Republican challengers, Jeffrey Garland, Jeff Johnson, R.A. Johnson and Joshua Sloan battling it out to see who replaces retiring incumbent Liston Barfield.

District 104 incumbent Tracy Edge will again be challenged by Greg Duckworth in the primary.

The countywide Probate Judge seat will see three-term incumbent Hon. Deirdre Edmonds opposed by Kathy Ward.

All of the above mentioned races will be determined in the June 2014 Republican Primary.


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