Glider Pilot Illegal Arrest in South Carolina

Untitled-1By Paul Gable

Darlington County Sheriff’s Department officers made national news when details of their illegal arrest and detention of Robin Fleming, the pilot of a glider aircraft, was reported in Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association magazine this month.

The article details another example of totally screwed up police procedure, illegal arrest and detention and total disregard for the law, by law enforcement officials in a South Carolina jurisdiction.

A combination of invented charges, contradictory incident reports, total disregard for a private citizen’s civil rights and generally screwed up policing are evident from the details of the Fleming arrest. The old 9/11 standby excuse was even used at one point to justify the officers’ illegal actions.

As you will read, all charges against Fleming were dismissed if he agreed to not sue the Darlington County Sheriff’s Department. The fact that they were made up charges with no legal foundation was not considered. Protecting the officers was the only consideration after it became totally apparent to cooler heads how badly they screwed up.

In the past, we have reported extensively, especially in articles on the Southern Holdings case, on law enforcement officers violating the law – lying in official reports; perjuring themselves in depositions; perjuring themselves in affidavits for arrest warrants and ignoring the need for probable cause in arrests.

Why? Because they can – the long blue line and, frankly, prosecutors and judges will protect them.

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  1. He who would sacrifice liberty in pursuit of security will find neither. Hell, at least they did not take his pants.

  2. More of the Gestapo like behavior we can look forward too with this administration. They’re all out of control.

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