First Republican Candidate Poll

By Paul Gable

Grand Strand Daily has acquired a copy of results from a recent poll on some of the Republican candidates in Horry County and several key races in this election cycle.

Polls such as this are not uncommon this early in the primary period as PACs, campaigns, business groups and donors are interested in where respective candidates are starting and what work must be done to make them viable.

Grand Strand Daily is in no way associated with this poll, but was able to obtain a copy of the results.

According to information provided, polling was conducted over four days. Only registered Republican voters who participated in at least two of the last three Republican primaries were contacted. A total of 347 interviews were completed for the poll sample.

The polling was very limited to ascertain only name recognition and favorability factors for the candidates listed.

Results from the poll questions were as follows:


  1. I am going to read a list of 12 declared candidates for elective office in Horry County in 2016. Please tell me if you have ever heard of or are familiar with this person. If you do not know this person, just respond ‘Don’t Know’. If you do know or have heard of this person, please tell me if you view this person ‘Favorably’, ‘Unfavorably’ or ‘No Opinion’.


 Candidate                                         Don’t Know                       Fav         Unfav                   No Opinion


Robert Seth Rabon                          68%/236                             42           12                          57

Lois Eargle                                        31%/108                             169        69                          109

Scott Pyle                                          49%/170                             94           23                          60

Luke Rankin                                      29%/101                             166        51                          29

Dennis DiSabato                              56%/194                             69           41                          43

Angie Jones                                       69%/239                             23           65                          21

Jonathon Hyman                             76%/263                             44           12                          28

Gary Loftus                                       42%/145                             80           42                          80

Dick Withington                               61%/212                             12           79                          44

David Jordan                                     58%/201                             68           31                          47

Rene Elvis                                          72%/250                             36           48                          13


2. Next, I am going to ask you about a couple of races that are coming up in the June Republican Primary. When you hear the names of the candidates, please tell me who you would vote for if the election were held today.


  1. Clerk of Court

David Jordan                             142

Rene Elvis                                  39

No Opinion                                166


  1. County Treasurer

Angie Jones                               33

Jonathon Hyman                      72

No Opinion                                241


  1. County Auditor

Lois Eargle                                 122

Robert Seth Rabon                  88

No Opinion                                137


  1. State Senate Dist 33

Scott Pyle                                   69

Luke Rankin                               84

No Opinion                                194

Some interesting observations can be made from the poll results. The incumbents generally have higher name recognition than the first time candidates.

Lois Eargle scores higher in unfavorable than I would have expected. Talk around the county is some think her too old. However, in a state that voted for Strom Thurmond, even after he didn’t know who he was anymore, this is a surprise.

It is possible, but not probable at this point, that Seth Rabon could pull off a surprise in the Auditor race.

The Treasurer race is interesting as both have relatively low name recognition. But, the difference is Jonathon Hyman has high favorables among those who recognize him while Angie Jones has high unfovorables.

Neither candidate in the Clerk of Court race had high name recognition, but most of those who knew of David Jordan rated him favorably while Rene Elvis scored higher in the unfavorable category.

The state senate race is interesting and probably needs further in depth questioning and analysis before any real conclusions can be drawn.

As would be expected from recent news stories, Dick Withington has the highest unfavorable rating among those who recognize his name.



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